Ever since getting my Hilton Aspire card, racking up the Hilton points (get 100,000 for signing up through my link) and getting Hilton Diamond, I’ve thought about switching my business from Starwood to Hilton, especially due to the recent promotion getting an extra 50% points per dollar of stay, totaling 30 points for every $1 at Hilton. So, in my most recent business trips to Austin and Miami, I specifically chose Hiltons for those stays, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Austin Northwest Arboretum and Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon. Big mistake, and I sincerely regret it. One got so bad that I left the hotel early, checking out three days before I was scheduled to. I’ve never done that before!

I find their mantra and Make It Right ™ policy lacking, when it says “We promise you’ll be satisfied, or we’ll make it right.” It was not right, and I was most definitely not satisfied. I picked up and hightailed it to an Element-class hotel, my first in the series, from which I’m writing this post.

Not only were the hotels dated and old, the quality of service and professionalism was below expectations (which, already, aren’t very high). I should not be spending the better part of my day telling the staff what’s wrong with their hotel or my room. Various things broken or not working, not being fixed, is a problem. However, my main frustration and reason I’m swearing them off (for now at least) is the abysmal internet.


Terrible Internet Service

Lack of work!

Maybe it’s the hotels, but both I found lacking. Two different hotels, some with similar issues? That’s just outrageous.

The common issue I found was poor internet service. Hilton’s internet is backwards, slow, inconsistent, and extremely frustrating.

It is Backwards

They have two modes of connection, through “attwifi” or “hhonors” networks. Using hhonors, you can connect with an access code which the front desk may or may not give you, or your Hilton account. How many know their Hilton account information off the top of their head? I do, no thanks to them! There should be one, it should be very easy, and I should not have to navigate through up to four options on getting access.

Why don’t they have ethernet cables!?

It is Slow

Their standard internet is between 1-5mb/s in the two hotels I stayed at. This is like 20th century internet a generation ago and unacceptable.

Not to mention, their “premium” internet is about 15mb/s, with slowdowns to ~5mb/s during some periods. Unacceptable – it’s the 21st century, they should get with the program and have faster internet. No excuse as both hotels are near business parks and airports – especially necessary to have quality internet.

It is Inconsistent

Several times a day the connection would cut out. That means none of the following: downloading, streaming, gaming, videoconferencing, webcamming, emailing, surfing, etc. You would have to log in again…and again…and again. Even though it says you’re logged in until the next day for 24 hours, I found myself logging in multiple times a day. Multiply that times the number of devices people have (I had four) and it gets obscene. This flows into the next section: frustration.

This would be me – if I had a pencil, a macbook, and was a woman.

It is Frustrating

As mentioned, I would log-in on my multiple devices several times a day, every single day of my stay. Mind-numbingly stupid, I feel. Also in the Miami hotel, sometimes it would show as connected on my floor (8th) but it would mysteriously be connected to Hilton Lobby, which of course did not work at that level. Of course, you could only figure that out by seeing which network it would connect you to, so there was some troubleshooting involved.



I’m never staying at a Hilton hotel again, not until they fix all these issues. It’s the 21st century – why is this garbage acceptable? Not only did I experience all these issues, I received no apology, acknowledgement, or compensation for wasting all that time and for my frustrations. Crazy, and even as I write this I can feel the rage from my experience. These experiences were so bad I felt compelled to write about it – that’s how bad it was. I’ll stick with the new, quality, better-internet-serviced Starwood hotels for now, except for the exception of Alofts – got a bad track record there!


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