Breakfast is probably my least favourite airline meal, mainly because it features eggs presented badly. Frittata? Boring. Scrambled eggs? Not great. It’s usually only good if it eschews egg completely or has a poached egg. Even so, I miss it when it’s not there and the full English is gone from some British Airways flights in Club Europe.

Anyone who has regularly read my flight reviews knows I am all about the food. I will even select flights based on the meal being served, so I want to know when they are coming back.

Where’s the Full English Breakfast?

British Airways flights are divided into bands for catering purposes, with flights of different lengths getting different on board service. It makes sense, as longer flights usually receive a more substantial offering than shorter flights.

Due to the pandemic, the Express band and Band 1 have been merged. All well and good, but it means that the Full English Breakfast is no longer offered on all those flights that used to have it.

I can tell you right now, a lonely ham and cheese croissant doesn’t cut it for me. Looks like I’ll have to fly later in the day and avoid breakfast flights for now.

Overall Thoughts

Other bits and pieces are missing or have been downsized here and there too. Fingers crossed the missing meals return soon. Paying the premium for business class and being given a croissant on what can be a two hour flight is a bit stingy. Adding a full breakfast can’t cost that much extra, can it?

Let’s hope they’re not rationing the scones on afternoon tea flights, because I tend to dive headfirst into those! (They once removed them for a period of time… not a good idea at all!). Anyway, my next flights are coming up this month at lunch and dinner times, so we’ll see what is on offer.

How have you found the British Airways catering lately? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Croissant by The_Banking_Scot via FlyerTalk.