Airports around the world often have a special VIP terminal separate from the usual passenger spaces. This is to cater for important people such as Heads of State who may be visiting.

What is not commonly known is that these services can be used by anyone willing to stump up the cash. You can treat yourself to an expedited departure or arrival experience for that special occasion.

Dublin Airport Platinum Services

In Ireland, you can book what they call Platinum Services for VIP passengers. You can see the video below showing the services. On departure, this gives you a dedicated car park and terminal entrance and a meet and greet.

After this is private check-in and security screening before entering your private suite to relax, eat and drink before your flight. Naturally you are then chauffeur driven to your aircraft. On arrival, it is similar but in reverse. Rates start at €204.

London Heathrow VIP

People in London have it a little better. The Heathrow VIP service starts with a luxury car collecting you from your house and driving you to the airport. From there it is all pretty similar to what is offered in Dublin.

Only First Class or Business Class passengers may use Heathrow VIP. Prices start at £2,750 plus VAT for up to three people travelling together. It would want to be a brilliant experience for that price!

Overall Thoughts

These services are for the properly wealthy type people and are common at a lot of airports. Airlines offer the services also, such as Qatar Airways offering the Al Maha Arrivals services in Doha.

Other carriers such as Lufthansa take their First Class passengers from the premium terminal in Frankfurt to the aircraft in a private car. British Airways do the same for certain passengers on tight connections at London Heathrow.

What do you think of these VIP services? Have you used them? Would you? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via British Airways.
Audi A6 image by Karl Köhler on Unsplash