Al Maha meet and assist services are available when flying through Doha’s Hamad International Airport on Qatar Airways. You can pre-book the service prior to travel, for departures, arrivals or transit.

This service expedites you through the airport experience, saving time and providing a lot of convenience. There are two levels, Gold and Platinum and the Gold experience is certainly pleasant.

Al Maha Arrivals Service

Once you arrive in Doha, you follow the usual signs through to arrival and baggage claim. Eventually you come to an information desk and a lady waits for you with a sign which reads Al Maha. Next, she confirms you are you and you are taken to the Al Maha lounge.

Customers who select the Platinum Service will be met at the aircraft door and escorted all the way. I think it is easy enough to do it the way I did though.

Al Maha Lounge

Entering the lounge, I was asked if I would like to stop and have some refreshments. Of course I did! My escort went to the desk and said to let her know when I was ready to leave, so I headed for the food.

Small plates are available and on my visit these were Tabbouleh, Beef Salad, Cucumber and Chick Pea with Lemon Tahini Dressing, Hummus and Checken and Vegetable Pasta Salad. These are similar, if not the same, as those offered in the Al Mourjan Business Class lounge.

Sandwiches are also offered, such as a Tuna Sandwich, Chicken and Mayo Wrap, Paneer Bhruji in Sesame Bun and Mixed Mediterranean Vegetable with Pesto Sandwich in Basil Bun.

Desserts include Date Cake, Dates and Carrot Cake. A range of soft drinks, water and juice is also on offer. Not being the shy sort, I tried three of the small dishes and the carrot cake. Quite satisfying it all was too!

Expedited Immigration Clearance

After finishing my food and having used the free Wi-Fi to get myself up to date, I found my escort and she took me to the other side of the lounge to go through immigration. There is one desk in the Al Maha lounge and an officers comes out and processes you.

You are literally the only person there, so it is all completed very quickly. After that, you get taken out to the arrivals hall to collect baggage if needed and if not, to wait for your transportation.

Overall Thoughts

Qatar Airways’ Al Maha arrivals service is excellent. It makes arriving in Doha a really pleasant experience. The escort is really nice and makes friendly chit chat with you as you’re walking to and from places – she was quite lovely.

Many airports offer a VIP service that you can pay for. Have you ever used one before? What did you think? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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The writer travelled as a guest of Qatar Airways.