Updated with more pictures.

I posted a bit of a mini review/initial impressions of Celebrity Reflection here. I included a few photos in that post. Since then, I have managed to upload more photos. Rather than wait until I complete my comprehensive review, I thought I would get the photos I have ready online now for those of you that are interested. My photos are organized by port of call, with a couple of specialized folders containing ship pictures, restaurants, etc. Here’s what I have so far. I will update the links as I get the photos ready to go, and include the index in my overall review. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Reflection, please comment to the blog, or email me. I’ll be glad to tell you what I think. We had a great cruise and really enjoyed Reflection.

Photos of Celebrity Reflection

Celebrity Reflection Specialty Restaurant – Qsine

Celebrity Reflection – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Celebrity Reflection – Athens, Greece

Celebrity Reflection – Valletta, Malta (Don’t laugh at our choice of a walk on/walk off bus) 🙂

Celebrity Reflection – Catania, Sicily

Celebrity Reflection – Naples and Capri

Celebrity Reflection – Rome

Celebrity Reflection – Livorno (Pisa)

Celebrity Reflection – Provence, France

Post Cruise – Barcelona