I missed the memo while I was out of country, I guess. This morning, I departed Atlanta on my first domestic flight in a month,and discovered that TSA had relocated the PreCheck lane from the south security checkpoint to the main checkpoint at Hartsfield. The first indication that something was different was the sign with a big “PreCheck” and U-turn symbol on it. And when I did that I was immediately greeted by a friendly (I’m not kidding) TSA agent who directed me back to the new PreCheck entry. Those of you that remember the days of CLEAR in Atlanta will know exactly where to enter.

Other than the relocation, and at least one extra lane dedicated to PreCheck, the experience was familiar. I did get selected for a modified patdown thanks to my insulin pump. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Haven’t missed it either, but the TSA person was very polite, and explained each step of the process.

While I could have gotten along without the patdown just fine, PreCheck still rocks!