The excitement is clearly building as I am now close to heading off on another trip. The menus for my upcoming flights have been released online, so now I need to make a selection.

Or not. It’s also perfectly fine for me to order on board while in the air, but I do love a pre-order. That way my choice is pretty much guaranteed, barring any unforeseen catering mishap.

Upcoming Flight Menus

American Airlines are flying me from London to Los Angeles and there are some nice options for lunch. What is interesting is that on my flight to New York in January, there were five choices on the menu. This longer sector only has four.

Once I get to LA, I’ll be flying to Hawaii with AA, but alas the pre-ordering is not back yet on these services. My menu for a breakfast time flight back from Hawaii to Seattle with Alaska Airlines has also become available. Just like my flight from Seattle to Denver in January, there are three options available.

The Fruit & Cheese Plate is an Alaska Airlines staple, but the other two dishes rotate. Both sound pretty good – I’m leaning towards the Parmesan Omelet, if you must know.

Overall Thoughts

With testing requirements, paperwork and general bureaucracy around flying at the moment, it’s fun to be able to enjoy the thought of the upcoming flights through the food. Selecting a meal is a pleasure, and I’ll take all the small pleasures I can these days.

I did find it strangely disappointing to be handed a menu on my American Airlines flight in January already knowing the options, not to mention my choice. Arguably, it would be more fun to find out and choose on board, but since pre-order is not particularly common, I’ll take it when I can get it.

Do you prefer to pre-order where possible on your upcoming flights or do you prefer to order on the plane? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Alaska Airlines.