Pre-ordering a meal on a domestic flight is something you don’t really find in Europe. I quite like the fact certain US carriers offer this service, as selecting your first class meal on the fly can be fraught with danger.

Alaska Airlines are one airline that offer this service, and as I am flying with them soon (yay!) I have decisions to make. Having looked up the three choices online, all of which look amazing, I am at a loss as to which to choose.

Alaska Airlines First Class Meal Choices

My flight will be heading from Seattle to Denver and the meal choices are available to select. As you can see below, there is Alaska Airlines’ signature fruit and cheese plate, an attractively named Autumn Squash Ancient Grain Bowl and a Pho Plate.

I immediately gravitated to the Pho Plate, as I tend to be a fan of Asian food in general. Checking around online, I found some photos taken by some frequent flyers to check out what it all might look like.

Quite frankly, all of them look delicious and the people commenting on their meals all made favourable remarks. Therefore, looking into it has not helped me one bit. Can I get all three, Alaska Airlines? Love you forever! 😛

Overall Thoughts

Help me choose my first class meal! I eat anything and everything, and each of those looks delectable to me. I have one more Alaska Airlines flight scheduled for this year and I am usually not based in the US.

That means this meal and whatever I choose for my next flight in April will be all I will be able to sample from the Seattle based oneworld alliance carrier. Sad, I know, but there’ll be more flights one day.

Armed with that knowledge, which one would you recommend I try? I look forward to hearing your opinions. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Sam Almo-Milkin via Wikimedia Commons.
Pho by RAD_PDX, Ancient Grains and Fruit and Cheese by DrewBr – both on Flyertalk.