If you’re anything like me, you’ve arrived at the airport all packed and ready to go, walked up to the ticket counter, and then it hits you…


Hey, it can happen to the best of us in one form or another. But now you’re in luck, if you’re in Chicago that is.

United Airlines has the quick, easy, and cheap solution to your problem! Its new flat-fee $15 “Chicago Hopper” hourly round-trip flight between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Chicago’s Midway International Airport (MDW) gets you back on schedule and for a very fair price!

o'hare to midway

The Chicago Hopper is about a 15 mile trip, averaging 10-15min flight times.

Look, mistakes happen,” explains Pilaf Solor, a Customer Relations Officer at United. “United Airlines is here to help! We have made it very affordable for the displaced traveler. At just about $1 per mile, our $15 ‘Chicago Hopper’ flights are a bargain. And you cannot beat flying OVER Chicago traffic in the 10-15 minute flight!

Savvy frequent flyers are expected to further win from this low-cost, easy hopper deal now that more flight possibilities are available by searching for layover flights through BOTH Chicago airports on the SAME trip (allowing for extra Chicago Hopper flight time, of course)! Or they may easily fly for less into Midway, but out of O’Hare, for example.

o'hare to midway

Another traveler “hopping” between Chicago’s airports

I used to have to burn my free Uber rides every time I ended up at the wrong airport. It was getting annoying,” asserted Loaf Ripsol, a frequent visitor to the information kiosk at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and regular +1 to United Club members flying solo who “befriend” him just outside the Club doors where he often waits. “Now I can just grab the Chicago Hopper and I’m back on schedule in no time! Oh, hey, have you tried Uber yet man!? Dude, use this code for…,” he explained as we walked way at a brisk pace.

Nevertheless, if the Chicago Hopper isn’t your thing (because such tomfoolery does not exist, duh), try these methods insteadGETTING FROM ORD TO MDW / MDW TO ORD

Thanks, flychicago.com!


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