While as far as I can tell, my AAdvantage and Dividend Miles accounts were successfully combined by Sunday morning, American has made it official for me this afternoon with an email.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.28.01 PM

“As you requested, your loyalty accounts are now combined.

Your account

  • Use your AAdvantage number, AAdvantage username and AAdvantage password to log in to both aa.com and usairways.com
  • Update your account preferences and email subscriptions on aa.com*
  • Dividend Miles® activity through 3/25/15 is available on usairways.com, and all new activity will show in your AAdvantage profile on aa.com

Elite benefits

If you qualify for a new elite status, you’ll receive your membership card in about six weeks. Until then, you can present your card using the American Airlines mobile app.
Your elite benefits »

We look forward to seeing you on board soon.


Suzanne L. Rubin

President, AAdvantage® Loyalty Program”

And with that, the biggest frequent flyer program merger in history is done for me. I know there are some wrinkles here and there for some, but overall, I cannot imagine things working out this well for a data migration this huge. This raises hopes for the upcoming reservations migration, which I expect to happen sometime between the end of summer and before the Thanksgiving rush. I remain pleased with the way things have been managed in this merger. Methodically moving forward, and getting things done correctly for the most part.

-MJ, April 1, 2015