Uber’s in Vienna and Prague are really cheap! So cheap, in fact, that I did not take public transportation in those cities! Nor a taxi. The Uber’s in Vienna and Prague were also readily available!

Uber’s in Vienna:

For example, a 1.5 mile Uber X ride from my hotel, the Imperial Riding School Renaissance to the Vienna Opera House was only 4 EUR, as well as the trip from the hotel to the train station, which took almost 20 minutes because of traffic. It’s funny that Uber rounds up/down to the nearest Euro!

a screenshot of a map

And no, I did not Uber at 2:28 AM….that is because of the time difference from California to Vienna.

Uber’s in Prague:

Prague Uber’s were quite similar in price (but of course in the Czech Koruna currency). I did use them much less because most things were much more walking distance as I stayed right in the city at the Marriott Prague which I will review soon! Uber X’s equivalent (chepeast Uber) in Prague was called Uber POP.

The Verdict:

Uber is a pretty good way to get around Vienna and Prague! Especially if you are not staying in the heart of the city, like when I was in Vienna. And, given that a metro ticket costs 2 EUR in Vienna, if you are traveling with a group an Uber can often be cheaper if your destination isn’t too far.


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