My friends and I decided to do a one-night stay in Blois, France so that we could explore the Loire Valley region and visit some chateaux. There are a few direct trains from Paris Austerlitz to Blois on the REMI train, but at very specific parts of the day for our February off-season trip.

a REMI train in a station

REMI Train

Train Details

TER 14033
Paris Austerlitz to Blois
Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

TER 14072
Blois to Paris Austerlitz 
Duration 1 hour and 36 minutes

Booking and Pricing

The Eurail pass covers this journey and no seat reservations are needed, but if you were to buy a single ticket, it would be 32 euros for a 2nd class ticket, and 48 euros for a 1st class ticket each way.

From Paris, the nonstop departures only left very early in the morning, so we took a 7:37 am train toward Tours, which arrived in Blois at 9:02 am. On the way back, we left Blois at 5:56 pm and got back to Paris at 7:32 pm. Both trains were on time.

The front of the train had a 1st class cabin, but it wasn’t much different than the 2nd class cabin since the configurations were still 2-2.

a seats in a train

First Class Car

We sat in the second-class car, and while the the train had a good amount of people on both legs, the upper decks weren’t too crowded and so our group of 3 was able to get a nice seat with a table on the upper level.

I really liked the new seats with the large “curved armrests”, which made it comfortable to nap. There were also both power outlets and USB charging in between the seats which was helpful. The cabin felt new and fresh, and the only thing missing was WiFi.

REMI Train

Second Class Car

My friend used the bathroom onboard and she said it was clean for a train bathroom.

The Verdict

Overall, taking the REMI Train from Paris to Blois was simple, quick and efficient. I enjoyed how new the train cars were, and the seat design made for a comfortable ride.


Have you taken the REMI Train from Paris to Blois before? How was your experience? Share below!




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