Hyatt free night certificates are one of my favorite features of the World of Hyatt program. I’ve generally earned them via a co-branded Hyatt credit card by paying the $75 (now $95) annual fee, but I’ve added a few more lately from the brand bonus promotion, hitting Explorist status, and surpassing the $15,000 in spend on my World of Hyatt Visa. In every case, these certificates are good for a year and can be used at any Category 1-4 property in the program (subject to availability).

In most domestic U.S. locations, you can use these certificates with ease. But there are a couple expensive cities where your options dwindle or flat out disappear. However, two cities have recently added properties that once again give you the option of burning your Hyatt free night certificate.

San Francisco and New York

Yes, the two most expensive large cities in the United States can both accommodate a Hyatt Free night certificate. Surprised? This wasn’t the case until relatively recently. Property categories have been inching upward year after year until nothing remained in either under Category 5. Technically, there are some properties farther from the city center. But if you need to be in the middle of the action, you were out of luck.

It really boils down to a sweet spot in each, but you at least have an option. Just don’t expect it to be the digs you used to get at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf (since raised to Category 5). And I don’t expect the New York option to last long, given the popularity of the city and the fantastic value of using the certificate at this particular property. Here are the sweet spots:

There are other reasonable options in Jersey City and Long Island City in New York, but Gild Hall represents the only hotel in Manhattan that is a Category 4 (or less) property. It’s not long for this world. Enjoy it while you can.

For what it’s worth, the colorful SF property isn’t exactly upscale (it has a 2-star rating). But considering that the Super 8 on Lombard can go for over $200 per night, you can’t really be choosy. Free is for me.

Have you been to either of these properties using your Hyatt free night certificate? 

Photo courtesy of Thompson Hotels.