What person in their right mind would want to bus from the Vegas Strip to Airport in hot desert weather? Someone tired of expensive taxis and Uber rides, that’s who. I’ve never considered public transportation to/from McCarran. But after taking the bus on a previous trip up and down the strip, I thought I’d give it a try.

The bus is not the most ideal transit option. Yet it is certainly the cheapest way to get to the airport. I’ll cover all the research I did about the bus options to the Las Vegas Airport, where I had to catch it, and my experience taking a bus from the Vegas Strip to Airport.

Bus From The Vegas Strip to Airport: What Are The Options?

There are three bus routes that serve the Las Vegas Airport: Line 108, Line 109, and the Centennial Express. All of them serve the ground level bus area at Terminal 1. Only the CX offers service to Terminal 3. I personally think Terminal 3 is much quieter and nicer and vastly prefer it to Terminal 1.

Of the three airport bus options, though, the Centennial Express is the most convenient. For Line 108 and 109, you have to be shuttled between the main bus lines and the airport, which adds another stop to your journey. Line 109 is pointless for most, as it doesn’t serve the strip anyway. Line 108 isn’t much better, as it hits the north end of the Las Vegas Boulevard after the Sahara. Check the route map to see if it’ll work for you. But my guess is it won’t. Hysterically, Line 108 is a fine option to get you from The ENGLiSH Hotel (which I like) to Las Vegas Airport.

With those two poor options out of the way, let me direct you to the Centennial Express.

What Is the Centennial Express?

The Centennial Express (CX) is pretty much the only decent option for a bus from the Vegas Strip to Airport. Given how big Las Vegas is and how many visitors it gets, you’d think they’d have great bus service by now. But no. It’s abysmal. But at least you have the CX.

The Centennial Express is an express bus that doesn’t take long to get you to/from McCarran. The downside is that it only runs about once an hour. It departs as early as 5:47 AM and as late as 10:54 PM from the strip. The bus does run weekdays, weekends, and holidays, so that’s a plus.

The CX is ideal if you are mid-Strip, near Flamingo Boulevard. There are stops along Flamingo just off Las Vegas Boulevard, which is how you’ll get between the strip and the airport. If your’re arriving from the airport, you’ll be dropped at the northwest stop. If taking the bus from the Vegas Strip to airport, you’ll find the stop on the southeast of the intersection. The most convenient resorts are Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, Paris, and the Flamingo.

If headed to the airport, the bus will stop first at Terminal 1 before making a second stop at Terminal 3. If departing the airport, it’s nice to know the bus does stop at both terminals.

A singe ride fare costs just $2. This makes the CX hands-down the cheapest way to get from the strip to the airport.

More info: CX Timetable and Route Map

taking a bus from the Vegas strip to airport

Taking the bus isn’t flashy, but it’ll save you money.

My Centennial Express Experience

I planned out my day around when I needed to catch the CX bus from Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard. I walked up to Flamingo Road from Excalibur, which is a decent hike. But I was traveling super light after not bringing more than a personal item on Avelo Airlines. The bus arrived right on time.

I’d misread the fare, thinking it was $3. A single ride fare is just $2, which is what I paid. There were only a handful of people on the bus. The ride went quickly and smoothly, given that there wasn’t much traffic in the middle of the day. 

I disembarked at Terminal 1 and headed in to fly home. Given that the bus is every hour, I chose an earlier departure. But I’d be able to crack open my laptop and get some work done at McCarran.

All in all, the Centennial Express worked without a hiccup. Compared to what I paid the evening before for a ride to the strip, it was dirt cheap. The walk was substantial. But I didn’t mind. The CX will be on my radar any time I need transportation in Las Vegas.

Is the Bus from the Vegas Strip to Airport Worth the Inconvenience?

This is the real question that you should be asking. While the bus is cheap, waiting up to an hour for one, and possibly walking a good distance once you get to the strip. The other option is to catch the Deuce once you’re on the strip. But a bus transfer would get annoying for sure.

If you’re at one of the properties near Flamingo Road, the bus may be a great option. It’ll be easy to get to or from your hotel. t=This does assume your luggage is minimal. If you have a substantial amount, you’ll need a taxi or Uber.

For me, with a flexible schedule and an alacrity for walking, taking the bus from the Vegas strip to the airport was an easy decision. It may be a hard no for many others.

What About the Loop?

The loop may become the ideal option some day. It doesn’t currently serve the airport, but may become an extremely convenient option with reasonable fares. We’ll see how far the approved projects get.

Final Thoughts

While the bus system in Las Vegas leaves much to be desired, the Centennial Express is a great way to bus from the Vegas strip to airport. The service isn’t as frequent as one would like. But with a little flexibility and patience, it’s not a terrible option. And it’s hands-down the cheapest option.