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I traveled quite a bit internationally in the last couple of years, and I often get asked what type of travel adapters I use when I am abroad.  I have no interest in buying a different travel adapter for each country, so I wanted a “all-in-one” solution.  Since it can be kind of dry to write about travel adapters, I’m going to review them from a first-person point of view.

Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug

“Hey, I’m Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug.

I’m sleek and I’m the total package.  I am reliable and I can handle any outlets at almost everywhere.

I have my limits, though. I’m at my best for things that do not require too much energy, things like helping you with electronic devices/laptops.  You once borrowed me to take care of a hair dryer problem, and I ‘broke’ down because I can’t handle that kind of heat. If you respect my limits, we can have a lasting relationship.”


There is another travel adapter I like quite quite a bit and it is very similar to Kensington in that it is also an all-in-one adapter. It’s a generic universal travel adapter.


International Universal Travel Adapter

“Hello, I’m a generic International Universal Travel Adapter.  I’m mostly reliable. I’ll be upfront and admit that I’m a little cheap, and I’m not the best looking either (but looks shouldn’t matter, right?)

My only flaw is that I don’t always do a good job at hugging the wall outlet, and I’d fall out sometimes. It doesn’t always happen, but I know it’s frustrating during those times when I can’t perform the way you need me to. Maybe you are willing to overlook it because I’m a good deal?”


Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

If cost is no objection and you’re an Apple fan, you always have the option to buy the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.


“Hey, I’m Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.  I am sleek and reliable. I am flexible and can bend to your demands – just take what you need from me when you need to go somewhere.  I admit that I can be confusing to figure out sometimes with all the different parts, but you’ll figure it out.

Oh, did I mention that I’m from Apple?  I’m a premium brand, and I’m compatible with your Apple devices. You can’t get the same guarantees from imitators who aspire to be like me. I’m the real deal.”



There isn’t a whole lot you can write about these adapters except that you need them to work, and ultimately, they all work.  I could pay a premium for a trusted brand name or I could buy either a reasonably priced or a cheaply priced product that I know works for all its intents and purposes.

From a best value and functional use standpoint, Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug is my favorite out of the three. It’s the total package and it’s the one I prefer to take with me for all my international travel needs.