Let’s face it, chances of flying at the pointy end of a plane for free are pretty much nil. That means you have to pay, and the less the better as far as I’m concerned. Each airline handles this differently and I like how KLM handle paid business class upgrades.

Recently I had a two sector ticket on KLM, which was Dublin to Toulouse via Amsterdam. Much to my surprise I was able to upgrade one of the segments when checking in online via the phone app. Here’s why I was surprised and how it works.

It’s A No From British Airways

Regular readers will know I fly British Airways quite a lot. Once you have booked, you might get a paid upgrade offer, which appears in Manage My Booking before the flight. Frequent flyers know that if you have a multi-sector booking say Dublin to Stockholm via London, the system they use is unable to offer you any upgrades.

It’s a creaking old crappy IT thing apparently, and BA seem happy to watch the additional revenue float away. Since computer says no, desperate people (like me!) will sometimes book separate tickets in the hope of an offer.

KLM’s Paid Business Class Upgrades

The Dutch do it differently, I’ve discovered. When I made my booking in economy class, I figured it would be a similar situation to British Airways. No paid business class upgrades would be offered as it was a multi-sector ticket.

Imagine my surprise when a friend travelling on the same flight noticed she could select business class seats at check-in. I’d already checked-in, but I could do the same – I could reselect my seat. The app then tells you it’s €47 for the seat, which is the price to upgrade. You pay, you’re done.

Overall Thoughts

KLM paid business class upgrades are exceedingly simple. I really have never seen such a straightforward process before and being able to do this not only on a connecting itinerary but after check-in as well is really the icing on the cake.

Is it enough to make me switch from oneworld to SkyTeam, or from British Airways to KLM? No, it’s not. However I found it to be a lovely thing and it’s a shame that other airlines are unable to do this. That’s you, British Airways… and don’t get me started on Aer Lingus and their computer says no antics.

Have you ever seen an airline upgrade tool as simple as the KLM paid business class upgrades are? Let me know who and how it works. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Suzanne Faulkner on Twitter.