You know how sometimes you just know you’re going to have a good flight? Well, I got exactly that vibe the instant I was greeted at the aircraft door by Sarah-Jane on my first British Airways Club Europe flight since late 2019.

After spending time in the forgettable business class lounge in Toulouse, I arrived at the Passport control line. This was 11:05 and my departure was 11:40 – ample time, but no. There was a huge queue! Eventually a lady came through yelling, “British Airways – London!” and those of us still waiting were pulled out of the queue and taken to the front.

VeriFLY at the Gate

British Airways and others use an app called VeriFLY these days to facilitate check-in. You upload your vaccination certificate and the completed entry form for your destination and once done, it talks to the BA app so it will issue your boarding pass.

When I arrived at the gate, I scanned my phone boarding pass and the lady kept speaking in French. Eventually she cottoned on and told me in English to show my VeriFLY app as well. Once done, it was down the jetbridge and onto the plane.

BA375 – Toulouse to London Heathrow (TLS-LHR)
25 October 2021
Airbus A319 – G-EUPZ
Seat: Club Europe 1A
Departure: 11:40 Arrival: 12:30

Sarah-Jane welcomed me on board and we chatted for a little bit, with me saying how pleased I was to be back on board. She was holding a basket full of wipes and so on for passengers to take if they wished and I took one. From there I stowed my carry-on and sat down, preparing for flight and wiping down the centre table and tray.

Very Posh Children

After the safety demonstration, given manually, we were trundling along to the runway. A child’s voice suddenly piped up, “Daddy, there’s a Beluga taking-off over there!”

I grinned at the posh British accent and the fact that there was a future airline geek on board. Soon enough, we arrived at the take-off point and headed into the sky.

Toilet Time

Since I had been waiting in a Passport control line for ages, I visited the toilet once the seat belt sign was turned off. As usual, I found things to be fine.

A new addition were the sanitiser wipes, which were on the floor when I arrived. Take-off does that to unrestrained items! I set it back where it should be, went about my business and quickly arrived back at my seat.

Lunch Time

Drinks were offered first and I asked for a Champagne. Proactively I was given two, which is actually what I was going to order, so that was a nice surprise. Next, there were lunch choices of coronation chicken or roast pumpkin. I chose the latter.

Happily the bread, though packaged, had been heated, which was good. The roast pumpkin with salad was really nice as was the apple crumble dessert. All in all a perfectly fine meal.

Fabulous Service

Later on in the flight, I noticed Sarah-Jane give the children little log book type things. This was followed by what looked like key rings in the shape of a plane. The little boy’s face lit up with wonder when he set his eyes on it and he correctly identified it as a jumbo.

Of course, the rest of us were given fabulous service as well. Drinks top ups and refills, prompt clearing away of the dishes, and all with a very engaging bit of banter, smiles all round and nothing was too much trouble.

Once we landed, we had to wait a bit for the jetty to be attached, so Sarah-Jane arranged for the kids to visit the flight deck and speak to the pilots, which certainly made their day. Really awesome all round!

Overall Thoughts

It was fun to see such fabulous service being offered to the passengers on this flight. I enjoyed it and I certainly vicariously enjoyed the fuss those children got. I’d say they’ll be BA and airline fans forever after that treatment.

With decent food on board, Champagne and decent cabin comfort, it was like coming home again. It had been a long time between innings, but I’m back, BA are still here and things are good.

What is the most fabulous service you’ve ever been given on a flight? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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