I knew something was up with this Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona as I kept getting multiple hits for Westin Kierland Villas, compared to Westin Kierland Resort. Checking out Tripadvisor reviews after my presentation, I suppose that it is hit or miss – one review posted the day before my presentation cited intense sales push, but I found my experience amazingly easy and straightforward.


Westin Kierland Villas Presentation

Acquisition & Negotiation

I found a flyer in my room advertising a contest, with 10,000 SPG points or a $250 resort certificate as prizes. Additionally, near the 9th floor lounge – free for Platinum guests – was a brochure detailing the uses of 6,500 points. I brought both to the concierge desk as instructed in the first flyer, and spoke with a very friendly associate, Tony.

He shared the details on Westin Kierland Villas, and the initial 6,500 points is generous (Somewhere between $143-$195 value). However, I wanted to push for more. Tony was able to bump that up to 10,000 Starpoints, at which point I readily accepted and scheduled my presentation. At signup, you receive another card for an entry into another contest at the timeshare to win 10,000 Starpoints. He was very friendly and polite about it, also giving me recommendations for dining within the resort as well as the shopping centers nearby.

While I did not win the first contest, there was another promotion available. A guest can collect stamps from six specific hotel businesses (spa, restaurants, etc.) on a discount card by spending $30 or more at each, and redeem the fully stamped card to checkin for 4,000 points. However, this was a poor deal, and so it brought me no value.

More Negotiation

Several minutes before my schedule presentation time, the concierge called and informed me that they had to push it back due to delays on the presentation team. They offered me a $25 resort credit, and I countered by asking for 3,000 – 5,000 additional Starpoints, since I value them much more highly than resort credits. They agreed to an extra 3,000 (for a total of 13,000!) and accommodated my schedule nicely.

Total Gifts: 13,000 SPG, worth ~$300!


Timeshare Presentation



The presentation was slotted for between 90 and 120 minutes, and was the first time I was able to go by myself. Previously, all presentations required single females, or married/cohabitating couples, but never single males. A friendly sales agent picked me up from the hotel and golf cart-ed me to the villas a few minutes away, which was a great experience. However, there was a small hiccup at checkin, where they only offered me the previous 10,000 gift, rather than the 13,000 that was agreed. It was quickly fixed, and we were off to see the model.


The model unit was excellent, with a great terrace view and seating area on the balcony. A small studio and a larger 1B unit combine to make a 2B. Additionally, furnishings were new and I was impressed. Indeed, this was better than average for presentations I have attended. My agent was new at this role only having worked there a few months, and he asked for feedback on presentation which I was happy to provide.

Sales Center

It was a standard Starwood presentation otherwise, highlighting the locales that Westin and Sheraton properties were in, the global reach, and the sales booklet of options and properties. However, it was very low pressure, and calling in a manager for a few minutes wasn’t an issue. The closer offered two return packages, which due to my points generation ability were not worth it.



Finished in record time!

Finished in record time!

When I finished, I was amazed. Sixty minutes, on the dot, in and out the door! For 13,000 points, I could redeem them for a $300-500 night at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, where I was staying. Probably one of the best deals that I’ve gotten. Also, coupled with a great presentation experience, I would not hesitate to do it again. However, experience varies from agent to agent, and it was my luck today.


Have you been on a timeshare presentation at Westin Kierland Villas? Let me know your experience in the comments!

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