So there’s simply not enough time to travel, correct? In driving home my sermon of less work equals more time, Amazon seems to be the next player in the reinvention of the traditional American workweek. From we hear that the large distributor is toying around with a pilot program that would offer employees the opportunity to only work 30 hours and receive a 25% pay cut. What makes this pilot program unique is that the employee would still receive full benefits. In most instances, companies will try to stay under a certain threshold of hours to allow them to NOT offer full-time benefits. If all goes well with the pilot program, there are indications that this model will become available to the workforce of 240,000+ force. Although there are those who believe this is a cost-cutting move, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos for his part states it is more about appealing and reacting to the new American worker where flexibility trumps traditional work schedules.


Just How Much is Time Worth to you?

This pilot program does open up some interesting arguments on how successful it could be. Although it retains the option of full benefits, the importance of which can’t be understated, it also represents a choice. The choice between “Do I want the money or do I want the time.” It’s a choice that has benefits and ramifications for both decisions. It’s a battle in our lives that never ceases. There is never enough money and never enough time. This option puts the decision onto the worker. Having more time to do the things you want to do, such as watch your kids grow for instance can impact individuals in a positive way psychologically. The benefits from certain jobs out there could even save you physically. For instance, if you spend your day loading a truck and suddenly your workload is reduced by 25%, the benefits could be enormous, and incidentally save you money as it pertains to your physical well-being. Counter that with the loss of 25% of your income which, for some, may simply be out of the question. It’s a delicate balance that changes the way you live.

At Least They’re Listening

By continuing with the traditional workweek with full benefits, you maintain consistency and income but continue to lose time. It’s really a breaking point decision that must be made by employees. How willing are you to make sacrifices in your life to take advantage of extra time. Finding 25% of your income, or I should say, cutting 25% of your payable is a difficult task. Budgets are not easy and they can put a strain on your quality of life. But we are talking time. Time is the one thing in life that you can’t get back. It’s a compelling argument that will get the cooler talk going in ways we never dreamed. And for the American worker, it signifies a small but significant shift in priorities that is overdue. This may not be the game changer we are all looking for but it does represent a change in philosophy for executives. Maybe someone is paying attention after all?

Live within your means, Travel Beyond Them


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