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Highlights: The Plaza Hotel, Take Two

I’ve stayed here previously, but this experience blew it out of the park. For this occasion, I responded to the guest relations associate, and spoke with both him and his manager about making this anniversary for my lady and I special. From the beautifully set up room, to the personal touches, to the thoughtful anniversary surprise (Free Dinner/Lunch), both of us were wowed. Shoutouts go to Daniel and Yulia in the Plaza Guest Relations department, for making this experience one to never forget.

Highlights were the overall experience, and specifically the dressed up room (see: Room) and delectable lunch at Todd English Food Hall.



Check-in was again a breeze, and the Plaza Hotel associate informed me I had a complimentary dinner available, courtesy of Guest Relations. While this was amazing and unexpected, we had dinner plans, and so I was able to switch it to lunch the next day. I again asked for the complimentary drinks, receiving four to enjoy.

The associates here were extremely helpful. Later I requested a late checkout, first getting to 2pm, then 4pm, and then 4:30pm (to finish a workout). Their flexibility was greatly appreciated.

Additionally, our keys did not work initially, but they replaced them swiftly.



We were graciously upgraded from a standard King Room to a Deluxe King, which was larger in both the room and bathroom. Excellent size made it easy to host friends for board games!

Upon arriving in the room, we found that guest relations had decked it out with lovely rose petals, plastic candles, and an ornate dining setting. Charcuterie boards of crackers, meats, and cheeses adorned the table, with a champagne bucket nearby. Lastly, the romantic film The Great Gatsby was playing on DVD. Handwritten notes and a personal visit by guest relations completed our initial room experience. Very pleasant and impressive.

I noted that the night service was inconsistent – the previous stay had slippers on a towel, but this stay did not. Not a big issue, but just something I noticed.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

I noticed a very interesting gift wrapping station, and was able to again enjoy my drinks in the second floor lounge. It was not as busy as the previous time.


Food & Drink

We ate like royalty. First were appetizers and champagne in our hotel room. Then came free drinks at the lounge, enjoying fancy cocktails made by skilled bartenders. Last was the grand finale: a complimentary lunch at Todd English Food Hall in the Shoppes at the Plaza Hotel. From lobster mac and cheese, to guacamole, to small finger foods, paella, and others, everything was delicious. With gratuity, lunch came to $245, but it was comped at checkout by Yulia, the amazing guest relations manager.

Additionally, lunch was at least 10% more delicious because it was complimentary. Everything tastes better when free. I would eat at Todd English again, and experience some of the other dishes.



The route is still laborious and convoluted, but this time an associate responded to the intercom and let us in! Hotel keys do not work – you must be badged in. Because it was a slow day only one was working – so be sure to catch them when they’re not in the restroom. The gym was small, with no readily available water dispenser, just a basic water fountain. Enjoyable workout nonetheless – to help with all that food.

A nice touch was the Fairmont Fit program. As a Premier loyalty member, I had workout clothes (shirt, shorts, shoes, socks) sent to my room. Excellent quality and brand name products. I had forgotten about this benefit (as I did not get it last stay) but the arrival of a butler with the clothes was appreciated.



Using the Art of the Ask, I connected with the Plaza Hotel associates regarding an upcoming anniversary, and discussed with Yulia about my lady’s hobbies and interests. She planned an excellent adventure – horse-drawn carriage through Central Park – but due to the inclement weather we were offered a dinner instead. The amazing hospitality in the room and lunch were greatly appreciated, and I left a small token of my appreciation with Yulia for her and Daniel, to thank them for their time and efforts. It was certainly worth the time emailing and calling, to have such a wonderful experience. I also appreciated them checking in on us on both days of checking in and out. Overall, their hospitality, flexibility, and service, was overwhelming. It was a true pleasure to stay here.

If you stay at the Plaza Hotel, reach out to Guest Relations, and they will make your stay special. Tell them you read my post and that I (Daniel) sent you.

Thank you Chase Fairmont (again). Having spent $12,000 on it in 2016, and having paid my $95 annual fee, I look forward to another free night certificate. This time was unforgettable and enjoyable, and I hope to replicate it in the future. Finally, if you want to experience similar treatment, be sure to reach out to guest relations of your upcoming hotels – they may be able to exceed your expectations as well!


Featured image of the amazing charcuterie and champagne in our hotel room.


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