Cathay Pacific have some of the most elegant lounges in the business. While the flagship lounge is The Pier First Class in Hong Kong, its business class counterpart is also pretty swish.

Designed by London based STUDIOILSE, I quite like the whole aesthetic. I made a short video tour of the London Heathrow First Class lounge, also visited the Business Class lounge at LHR, and happily found the same design in Vancouver. I really quite like it!

The Pier Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific’s home base, and The Pier business class lounge is very large. However, it avoids the trap of feeling cavernous by smart design choices that divide the space up into various areas.

I was the first person in the lounge when it opened at 5am, which allowed me to get plenty of pictures without disturbing anyone. A friend commented on the lack of people, but it gets busy very quickly.

One end of the lounge is given over to health and well being, with Yoga mats and such. This is something that Qantas also have in their Perth lounge. I’m curious as to how well used it gets!

There is a full bar available, where you can get any drinks you like. I usually have Champagne and a few glasses certainly helped to pass the time as I watched the airport action from the window.


You are absolutely insane if you visit a Cathay Pacific lounge and don’t partake in the Dan Dan Noodles. They are available in many of the lounges with this design and I love them!

Happily there is also a selection of Dim Sum, and I have to confess that I went back for seconds. Quite moreish! There is also plenty of other self-service food throughout the lounge, so you certainly won’t go hungry.

Views and Aēsop Products

The Pier lounges in Hong Kong are located underneath the main concourse, so you’re at tarmac level. It’s a different aspect than what you often find, as airlines tend to put their lounges up high.

Bathrooms and showers are filled with Aēsop products, which smell lovely. Even washing your hands becomes an enjoyable pastime, fragrantly fun, really!

Overall Thoughts

Cathay Pacific’s The Pier lounges are perhaps my all time favourites. Something about the design really appeals to me, and visiting them is a highlight of flying with the Hong Kong carrier.

Everything works, from the fast Wi-Fi to the comfortable seating, the views to the Dan Dan Noodles, and also the service. Plates and glasses are cleared fairly rapidly by cheerful staff who appreciate a thank you. I’m really looking forward to my next visit!

Have you ever been to one of Cathay Pacific’s lounges with this design? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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