London based Studioilse is responsible for the design aesthetic of the Cathay Pacific lounges and I really love them. The space is designed to feel like a chic apartment and the Vancouver lounge is no exception.

I first fell in love with the design when I visited The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong. My affair continued when I visited the First Class Lounge at London Heathrow and now I can add Vancouver to that list.

Vancouver Lounge Decor

Keeping the lounge design almost the same in each country seems to be Cathay Pacific’s goal. Though it was my first time in the Vancouver lounge, it was immediately familiar in almost every way.

Everything is laid out as though you’re in a private home and it’s one of the most calming lounge environments around. My favourite seats are the ones facing the airport action.

They also feel the most private as all you can see in front of you is airport and I like that. Down the back of the lounge is a small office area featuring Apple computers, just in case you’re a traditionalist or just didn’t bring your laptop.

Let’s Visit The Bathroom

Bathroom design, apart from the size and shape of the space, is identical to the other CX lounges by Studioilse. Greys are complimented with some bold wood highlights which I enjoy.

Australian brand Aēsop products are in the lounge, which is also consistent with the others around the world. You’ll want to wash your hands multiple times as the smell is out of this world.

Cathay Pacific’s Signature Noodle Bar

Since my very first visit to a Cathay Pacific lounge featuring a noodle bar, I’ve been hooked. Having a fresh bowl of Dan Dan noodles is a must on any lounge visit and I am glad to see they are still included.

To order you head on over to the noodle bar and chat to the friendly attendants. They give you a buzzer type device which goes off once the noodles are ready and you collect them.

There are little pots where you can add Spring Onion, Vinegar, Hot Chilli Sauce, Hot Chilli Oil or Soya Sauce to suit your individual taste. How good were the noodles? Just spectacular, as always! Hey, I’m a fan, so sue me!

So How About Some Drinks?

I pretty much don’t move away from Champagne when it’s available and there are two on offer in Vancouver, Piper-Heidsieck and Chandon. There was also a Peller Estates Chardonnay on ice and a Red Rooster Cabernet Merlot.

Water is also available as are the usual soft drinks, juices and the rest. Everything is self-service which I prefer as I find it faster to get my own drink than to have to ask someone for it.

I Don’t Like Noodles, What Else Can I Eat?

Never fear, there is a whole array of other food available which you can grab and enjoy. Mixed fruit tarts, aged cheddar, salami, two types of salad, cookies and crisps are just some of what is on offer.

Everything is wrapped up in the fridge in the photos (including the wraps!), probably because I was one of the first people to arrive in the lounge. Usually it would be easier to take things away. Either way, the selection is quite acceptable.

Overall Thoughts

Cathay Pacific’s lounge in Vancouver is a fantastic space to spend some time before a flight. All of the employees were charming, even to the point of making one little joke which I found amusing.

The Dan Dan noodles were exceptional and the Champagne selection faultless. Even when the lounge got busier later on, it never felt particularly crowded which is probably the whole point of the design.

Have you visited the Cathay Pacific lounge in Vancouver or one of the others with this design? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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