I must confess, I love the Cathay Pacific business class lounge at London Heathrow. I specifically used some of my frequent flyer miles to fly somewhere solely so I could spend time in Terminal 3 to enjoy the lounges.

As far as I am concerned, both the Cathay Pacific business class lounge and the accompanying first class lounge are the best options for oneworld frequent flyers right now.

Cathay Pacific Business Noodle Bar

There is a Noodle Bar found in the Cathay Pacific business lounges around the world, such as Paris for example. At Heathrow it is a long noodle bar featuring dark green tiles where you can sit and eat.

You can choose some Dim Sum which is delicious and you can’t go past the Dan Dan Noodles. They are extremely tasty if you like that sort of thing. I do, so do yourself a favour and get some!

Dining Room Seating

Immediately opposite the Noodle Bar is the dining area. It contains various different kinds of seating such as a number of booths. There is also a large communal table next to where the self-service food is presented.

Since I spent the day in the lounges at Heathrow I managed to get these pictures during a lull between flights. It does get quite busy and people are not afraid to use the communal table at all.

Self Service Hot Food

Hungry? Fear not, because the Cathay Pacific business class lounge has you covered. Near the table there are large warming pots filled with interesting dishes for you to chow down upon.

It certainly looks like the Meatballs and Soup are popular however my guess is they are replenished less than the other dishes as there is more of them.

Other Food and Drink

Carlsberg beer is provided on tap which you can pour yourself. I am sure the Qantas passengers currently using this lounge are all over this like a rash!

Bite size Bruschetta are available as are a variety of salads. This means the healthy people among us also have plenty of choice. It certainly looks good.

Also provided is juice, fresh fruit, muffins, cookies and banana bread. It would be good to come in here with an appetite as there are plenty of things I like.

You will agree that Cathay Pacific are not parsimonious when it comes to feeding their passengers.

Time To Visit The Toilet?

After all that food and drink you are going to have to visit the facilities at some point. These are shared with the Cathay Pacific first class lounge next door.

Everything about the toilets is chic and modern. From the automatic sensor taps to the large mirror to the Aēsop products there is nothing to fault.

While there, I ran into the lady who is responsible for keeping the facilities clean. I thanked her for her work because throughout several visits over the course of a day, the toilets were always spotless.

She replied that she is very proud of her work, even if it is a far cry from her actual profession. Her degree qualification is not recognised in the United Kingdom so she works cleaning the lounge instead. Lovely lady who does a fabulous job!

Cathay Pacific Business Lounge Decor

After all of this we come to the actual lounge part of the Cathay Pacific business lounge. The furnishing is very similar to the first class lounge next door, which in turn is very similar to that in The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong.

All of the areas are segregated either by dividers or by using different types of seating. There is a manned bar along one wall and also a place to watch television if you wish. Right at the back are three Apple computers to use if you don’t have your own with you.

It is great that the lounge features windows overlooking the airport. It really connects the space to where you are which I think is important. Also, aviation geeks can rejoice and watch the world go by.

Overall Thoughts

Quite frankly the Cathay Pacific business class lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 3 is a total win. It sets the bar for how deliciously upmarket an airline lounge for business class passengers can be.

From the styling to the array of food options to the views, this lounge has it all. Even the employees are happy and like to work there, an excellent sign! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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