I’m writing to you all from the air, thanks to the free Fly-Fi WiFi that jetBlue offers to all passengers. This is going to be a short review version before I post my full review in the next week or so. Today, I’m going to share my experience flying JetBlue’s “Throne” Seat on their A321 Mint Plane! I booked this flight from Newark to San Diego for a price of $515 one way, in order to use a travel credit I have from a flight from last year. If you’re interested in some takeoff points from my flight to New York a few days ago in the new A321neo Mint Suites, you can check out the takeoff points here.

Flight Details:

Newark (EWR) to San Diego (SAN)
jetBlue Flight 1045
Date of Flight: September 2021
Seat: 4A- Mint
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Plane: Fly In Mint Condition

Takeoff Points: JetBlue’s “Throne” Mint Seat

JetBlue Mint Throne


1) JetBlue’s original A321 Mint configuration on this flight includes 16 total seats in the cabin. There are 12 lie-flat seats plus four suites spread out over five rows. Rows 1, 3 and 5 have a 2-2 configuration while rows 2 and 4 contain suites with closing doors in a 1-1 configuration. The cool thing is that jetBlue doesn’t charge extra for the seats with closing doors, and if you book early enough, you can snatch one up for yourself. These “throne” seats have additional storage and elbow room, as well as added privacy. Plenty of charging ports and storage provided as well.

JetBlue Mint Throne

2) The seat cushion was on the stiffer side, but I got used to it and overall it was a very comfortable seat. I was happy with the condition of the hard product, even though the aircraft I was on was one of the first Mint planes for jetBlue 7 years ago; it was still in good shape. Time will tell if the new Mint Suite that I flew on will age as gracefully too. The lie-flat was pretty long, and I had a lot of room leftover for my feet. I’m 5’9 and there was plenty of extra length to extend in the foot cubby. The only negative I would say is that the seat back IFE is quite outdated, and due for a refresh with the resolution and navigation of the system.

JetBlue Mint Throne

3) A comforter and a pillow is provided by Tuft and Needle, and it is of a pretty good quality (but I do still prefer Casper bedding from American Business Class). A non-traditional amenity kit from Wanderlust with supplements to boost your immune system, recovery cream, socks and lip balm are included. Pretty hipster if you ask me! We were also provided with an eyemask, earplugs and a toothbrush from Tuft and Needle- something I didn’t get on my mid-day flight to New York. Perhaps because this flight was an 8am flight. Headphones were provided by Master and Dynamic, and those were of decent quality.

JetBlue Mint Throne

4) While I tried the famous Mint Condition cocktail with vodka on my flight in and enjoyed it, today I wasn’t feeling like drinking vodka, so I took the version with seltzer instead. I really enjoyed it, and actually had a second. It is very refreshing. The service was great, with the two attendants checking up on the cabin often making sure we were well hydrated.

JetBlue Mint Throne

5) After having a great lunch on my outbound flight to New York, I was curious to see how the breakfast would stack up. The Mint service is tapas style from Pasquale Jones, and you get to choose 3 of the 5 small plates (6 for breakfast technically). I opted for the Quinoa Pancakes with caramelized hazelnuts, Farm Egg Tart with roasted red peppers and potatoes and Maple-Glazed bacon. All 3 dishes were delicious. My favorite was the bacon, as it was even better than many restaurants I’ve been to. I honestly have no idea how jetBlue makes such great meals on planes.

JetBlue Mint Throne

6) What’s needed after a great breakfast? Some coffee to relax of course. I loved the cappuccino I had on my flight to New York, and I had to have it again on this flight. This cappuccino was amazing as well.

JetBlue Mint Throne

7) Suite door! Nice feature so I don’t have to see the passenger across the aisle, and helps to provide a nice office like space.


Love the JetBlue Mint throne seat, and even with the plane being 7 years old, the plane was really in Mint Condition. Like my outbound flight, the food was stellar, and it is the best airplane bacon I’ve ever had. Overall, you won’t be disappointed flying on Mint, and I highly recommend it.


Have you flown on the JetBlue Mint Throne seat before? Comment below! And, stay tuned for my full review soon!




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