As part of my new project in which I will have short review versions for some of my longer posts, today I’m going to share my experience flying JetBlue’s brand new Mint Suite!

These shorter posts will be called “Takeoff Points” and feature short commentary points with 8 pictures included. Let me know what you think! You can check out my full review here.

I’m writing to you from the air, thanks to JetBlue’s free Fly-Fi Wi-Fi for all passengers!

Flight Details:

Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK)
jetBlue Flight 424
Date of Flight: September 2021
Seat: 5A- Mint Suite
Aircraft: Airbus A321neo
Plane: A Mint Summer Night’s Dream

Takeoff Points: JetBlue Brand New Mint Suite:

Mint Suite

1) I love the 1-1 configuration, and in lie flat mode the bed is pretty solid. There are only 16 seats in the Mint Cabin on this configuration, with the 2 seats in row 1 sold as “Mint Studio” with some extra space for a surcharge. I’m on the leaner side, and 5’9 but had plenty of room to stretch out in lie flat mode. The seat is a bit skinnier than some other business class products I’ve been in, but very private with plenty of counter space. Bedding is provided by Tuft and Needle, and it’s pretty comfortable (but I still prefer Casper from American).

Mint Suite

2) I still am amazed this configuration exists on a domestic US route. A large 17” TV, storage space for your shoes and your laptop. It’s certainly a nice mini suite. Headphones are provided by Master and Dynamic, and they were of pretty good quality. I love this Mint Suite!

Mint Suite

3) Just a beautiful cabin. This is how it looks with the door closed for privacy. The plane I’m on was delivered in June, so it’s only less than 3 months old. Time will tell if the hard product is sturdy, but currently my seat was still in good condition.

Mint Suite

4) Had to try the famous Mint Condition cocktail. It was pretty refreshing. You can get it with either gin or vodka, and the attendant recommended vodka, so I opted for that. It has ginger, lime, cucumber and mint. The breadsticks were really tasty as well and fun to chew on.

Mint Suite

5) Just wow! The best domestic meal I’ve had in business class. The Mint service is tapas style from Pasquale Jones, and you get to choose 3 of the 5 small plates. I opted for the Flat Iron Steak, Chicken Paillard and the Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. The steak was AMAZING and went well with the potatoes. The chicken was solid but a bit dry. It was saved by the onions and arugula mix. My least favorite was the Roasted Cherry Tomatoes as the goat cheese wasn’t too tasty and the tomatoes were much too soggy. The vanilla gelato was a nice finish to the meal!

Mint Suite

6) Charge Away! Plenty of high-tech charging offered in the Mint Suite! Wireless charging for my AirPods was nice. I tried charging my phone on the wireless charger but sadly it didn’t connect. There’s also an USB A and a USB C connection port, as well as two 110V Power Outlet.

Mint Suite

7) Missing something? Yes indeed…no more famous jetBlue Terra Blue chips for snacks! The attendant told me that many passengers miss the chips too. I was very much looking forward to some Terra Blue chips! Hopefully they bring them back soon. The cookies were yummy at least.

Mint Suite

8) Cafe quality coffee on a plane? You betcha. The Cappuccino I ordered was delicious. A perfect way to finish off my meal.

The Verdict:

Love the 1-1 configuration, and the seat design with a suite door allows for a private experience. I was amazed by the delicious meal, and currently it is the best domestic business class meal I’ve had, compared to American and Delta on the same LAX-JFK route. Definitely add the Mint Suite to your list of products to try!

Check out my full review here!




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