American Airlines certainly provide plenty of food when flying Flagship Business Class on transatlantic flights. As I like to sample what is on offer, I could be accused of stuffing my face for an entire flight. I’m not ashamed.

After flying in from Dublin, I collected my bag and checked in at the First Wing in Terminal 5. That plops you straight in to the British Airways Galleries First lounge, where I relaxed before heading off to my gate and boarding.

AA137 – London Heathrow to Los Angeles (LHR-LAX)
12 April 2022
Boeing 777-300ER – N732AN
Seat: Business Class 4A
Departure: 11:50 Arrival: 15:20

Once on board I turned left and arrived at my seat, 4A in the mini-cabin behind first class. The seats in row 3 only have one window, so I choose row 4 when I can.

Flagship Business Class Seat

The seating is quite comfortable and pleasantly private. On arrival, the pillow and bedding is on the seat, with the amenity kit and menu laid out nearby. First order of business was putting the bedding up in the overhead along with my bag.

As boarding progressed, I relaxed in my seat, looking forward to the flight ahead. It’s a chill time after the hubbub of the airport experience and it’s always nice to be on board.

Today’s Menu

American Airlines allows you to pre-order your main dish before flight if you wish. I selected the Beef Brisket for my lunch, as it came with cheddar mashed potato and I do love that.

Turns out the pies were on offer as the second meal again, which is the same as I received on my flight to New York back in January. That was fine as I enjoyed them last time.

Pre-Flight Pit Stop

The business class toilets on the Boeing 777-300ER are nicely appointed with a large white sink. I think it looks quite premium and it is a good choice all round.

Since this was located right behind my seat, it was easy to get to. Throughout the flight, it was kept nice and clean, which is always very much appreciated.

Stuffing My Face Begins!

Once in the air, the crew come around asking for drinks orders and lay the table. I find it a little bit weird that the tablecloth is not as large as the pull out tray, but it is what it is. Hot towels are also distributed at this time.

The glasses are large and heavy, which gives the impression of quality. As usual, hot nuts were handed out, though I find having nuts and Champagne makes the bubbles froth up in your mouth, which is not the best. Next up came the starter.

Poached lemon grass prawns in paprika coriander sauce, chicory and guacamole so the menu says and they are divine! The fresh mixed salad was also very nice and I devoured every morsel.

Main Dish and Dessert

After I had finished, the starter dish was replaced with the main. Beef brisket with a port wine and shallot gravy, cheddar mashed potato, sauteed haricot vert (that’s green beans to you and me!) and sauteed carrots. Yum!

I had no trouble stuffing my face with all of that. Well cooked, tasty and it must be healthy, right? Any semblance of health went out the window with the signature American Airlines ice cream sundae for dessert.

They are so good that I asked for and received a second helping. It would be a crime to let it go to waste, right? Right?! That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Eating My Way Across The Atlantic

In the galley at doors two, they set out a whole bunch of small dishes for people to help themselves to during the flight. Not being shy, I kept myself topped up with tasty vittles all flight long.

The menu does say, “Help yourself to a variety of sweet and savory snacks located near our galley” and I always follow instructions when on board a flight. At least, that’s my excuse!

Second Meal Pre-Landing

Spending time sitting around watching documentaries, TV shows or movies on the inflight entertainment system really works up an appetite, right? As you can imagine, I was quite pleased when they came by with the second meal.

Just like my last flight, I kept the crisps for later but ate the rest. It’s a decent enough feed before landing and I quite like them. After this, everything was squared away and we landed in Los Angeles on time.

Overall Thoughts

The inflight meal service on American Airlines is currently far better than British Airways, which is why I have been actively choosing AA over BA where possible on long-haul sectors across the Atlantic. BA are still doing single tray service and their Club Kitchen is not a patch on the AA self-service options. While stuffing my face passed the time, it helps when the food is also very good, with a lot of choice.

You can’t beat an ice cream sundae for dessert either, and it has to be one of my favourite desserts when flying. The crew were friendly, the seat comfortable, the inflight entertainment options extensive. Those noise cancelling headphones also do the job well – I’m not one who needs to bring my own on board. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

What do you think of American’s transatlantic Flagship Business Class offering? Do any airlines do it better? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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