I love it when an airline gives me an unexpected surprise. When I ordered the Champagne Afternoon Tea the other day in the British Airways Galleries First Lounge, I was thoroughly impressed.

For a change, I deviated from my normal lounge experience and even took a shower. All in all the time passed quite satisfactorily before my connecting flight to Dublin.

Table 111 on the Terrace

The terrace is a nice place to sit as it has wide ranging views of the airport action. Last time and again this time I snagged a seat by the window at Table 111.

Once sat down, you scan a QR code and are presented with the menu. It tends to be quite extensive, though today I restricted myself as I’d just come off a long flight from Los Angeles where I’d been fed well.

Presented with a choice of a Traditional Afternoon Tea (with tea) or a Champagne Afternoon Tea (with bubbles) I took the latter. There are two types of sandwiches available too, catering to those with specific dietary needs. I also ordered a Super DC Immune Support Drink, because I certainly needed it after my trip.

I’d had this drink before and really quite liked it. Soon enough, a waiter popped through the door carrying the rest of my order and my, what a sight!

Champagne Afternoon Tea, Baby!

Gobsmacked by the presentation, I looked on in awe as the waiter placed the Champagne and the tea service on my table. After thanking him, I admired the spectacle for a moment with unabashed glee. Now this was almost like being in a posh hotel!

The sandwiches? Amazing. Fresh, delicious filling (who doesn’t like egg and lettuce?), and simply moreish. The pretty little Macaron went down a treat as did the cake. Then it was time to split the scone, slather it in jam and cream and devour it like the pig I am! It was all oh so gluttonously good!

Shower Time!

Once done, I finished my drinks and sat in contentment for a bit, admiring the aircraft. Soon I remembered I had been travelling for almost 20 hours at this point and a shower might be in order. It would save me having one when I got home. You might be surprised, but this is the first time in all my travelling that I’ve used the showers at the BA lounges in London Heathrow.

Working out how to book a slot took me a little time, but you just used the app. As it wasn’t busy, I was straight in and found everything to be spic and span. Stripping off, I headed for the water.

Perusing the instructions made little sense as it didn’t really appear to quite match what was on my wall. I couldn’t get the six jets to work, no matter how much twiddling I undertook. Either way, a nice hot shower occurred and then I changed and headed off for my flight.

Overall Thoughts

That Champagne Afternoon Tea is highly recommended! I really expected much less – a couple of stale finger sandwiches on a tired plate, with a separate plate with the other bits. Who knew the tower of freshness would come out to greet me! Very impressed!

Of course, you need to be passing through the British Airways Galleries First lounge at London Heathrow at the correct time. They don’t serve it at 5am, of course. Either way, I’m passing through again in April and fingers crossed I’m not too early to get another one.

Have you ever had the Champagne Afternoon Tea in the BA lounge at Heathrow? Is there something better on the menu that you’d recommend? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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