You have to feel for the plight of feet as it must be tough for them sitting in business class on a short haul flight. All that extra space from the bigger seat and extra room is useless to them. Feet do have an option when it comes to the front row however.

Sitting there, those pesky extremities swing into action, utilising their wily charms to get their way. Mental strength and fortitude have to be used to stop those feet from leaping up onto the bulkhead for some rest and relaxation apparently.

Why, Just Why?

I have never felt the urge to put my feet up on the bulkhead. What is the point? Surely comfort is not an issue on a flight of one hour and twenty five minutes when sitting in business class. Is it a competition to see who can reach the overhead bin with a shod foot?

The fact that it marks up a bulkhead and causes wear and tear seems not to cross the mind of the oblivious feet resting people. Basic etiquette would say not to do it. Who puts their feet up on a wall at home?

Feet Frenzy!

After taking the photo at the top of this post, I continued enjoying my flight. Later on in the flight everyone was in for a treat as they went up again and this time they had a pair of friends in flip flops!

By now I was wondering if I had missed the memo. Perhaps bulkhead feet are now cool? Maybe I am being uncool and should have thrown mine up on the wall in solidarity with my fellow business class front row passengers.

Why No Notices?

Bulkheads on all airlines feature a number of notices, usually to do with your hand luggage being required to go overhead, along with your life jacket stowage information.

No airline has a notice that says, “Hey buddy, keep your feet off the bulkhead!” along with a picture with a no circle around it. People generally abide by notices on aircraft so I would have thought this would be the most simple solution.

Overall Thoughts

It irritates me somewhat to see people’s dirty shoes on the walls. My mother usually throws out the line, “Do you live in a tent?” if someone doesn’t close a door that should remain closed, so I should ask her for an appropriate question to use on board.

To me there is no need for any part of the body on a bulkhead, end of story. What do you think? Feel free to leave any comments below and thanks for reading.

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