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Sprint, second in a nationwide network performance report, has a new promotion. This offer is available for new Sprint customers, or those who switch to Sprint by the deadline. You could earn up to 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles, which would be good for a round-trip domestic ticket! More details, terms, and information below!


Up To 25,000 AAdvantage® Miles

Per the Sprint website, you can earn up to 25,000 miles with American. 20,000 is awarded for activation – even for just one phone line. Additionally, you can earn another maximum of 5,000 miles (per year!) for maintaining your account, for a total of 25,000 miles. This is 417 miles monthly, for 5,004 miles over 12 months. This offer would also remove any Sprint Discount on your plan.

American miles I feel are roughly on parity or below that of other carriers, so you could reasonable expect a value of $250-$400 for those miles. A very interesting promotion, for those who would like to travel!

25,000 for “dream vacation” seems a bit naive. But, it will help!


$400 Bonus!

Switching to Sprint with three or more new activated lines earns a $400 Visa® Prepaid Card, which requires 1 ported line on an Unlimited Freedom Plan


How to Switch or Open New Customer Accounts

Check out the website – or call Sprint at 888-805-1602, or visit a Sprint store near you. You can also pre-register your information on the website with your mobile # and AAdvantage® #.


Sprint: Other Deals & Fine Print

They have an interesting Unlimited promotion, and I confirmed with Sprint that the promotion is 4 lines at $22.50/month and the 5th line free. This is $90 for 5 lines, which is pretty good – for those who use 5 lines.

$90 for 4 lines, 5th line free.


Carefully note the fine print for these promotions. For Unlimited, the savings only last a year – until 6/30/18, at which point the price increases to $60, $40, and $30, for lines 1, 2, and 3-5. This represents an increase of nearly double, from $90-$120 to $190/month for five people, which doesn’t include other taxes or fees. Also, note that “unlimited” has its own fine print, below. According to Sprint, data includes HD video and 10GB of Hotspot – and isn’t throttled until 23GB of data is used, which is only ~2-3% of users. For the most part, you can surf away!

Savings until 6/30/18; then $60/mo. for line 1, $40/mo. for line 2 and $30/mo. lines 3-5. Includes unlimited talk, text and data. Streams video at up to HD 1080p, music at up to 1.5mbps, gaming at up to 8mbps. Data deprioritization during congestion. MHS, P2P and VPN reduced to 2G speeds after 10GB/mo. Pricing shown with AutoPay discount applied w/i 2 invoices. Other monthly charges apply.**

Surf Away!



This is an interesting promotion, especially for those who look to travel. Additionally, they have a BOGO offer of sorts on their phones – iPhone 7s are Lease One Get One Free and half off Samsung S8s. While these aren’t completely free phones, half off, combined with the miles and $400 bonus, is a deal. Many promotions offer cash back, or prepaid gift cards in lieu of these miles, which are harder to use. Additionally, locking in a cheaper rate for a year would be fine as customers are not signing long-term contracts. These promos also do not pair with Sprint Discount Program, which I believe is their corporate discount. But, you’ve got a while – the fine print says the miles offer ends 12/31/17. However, the other offers – phone deal, prepaid card, and rate plans end 7/13/17.


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