“Passbook wishes come true” was just part of the greeting from Southwest Airlines on my iPhone app update page this morning. Overnight, Southwest rolled out an updated version of its iPhone app.

southwest airlines, iPhone app, passbook

The biggest change seems to be integration of the app with Apple’s Passbook. Of course, since I’ve only recently booked my first Southwest flights in years, I hadn’t caught the fact that the airlines iOS app did not play with Passbook. Looks like Southwest and I are flirting with each other just in time because I love Passbook, and use it for all of my airline boarding passes.

My first iPhone check-in was a success with the new app. In truth, the hard part was done for me as I sprang for Early Bird Check-In on this early morning flight.

southwest airlines, iOS app, iPhone app,

Score! Following my advice on calling Southwest and entering my Known Traveler Number worked for getting PreCheck on this flight. Better yet, there’s now the familiar “Add to Passbook” button I’ve come to expect from every airline app. With a click and an add, my boarding pass was now waiting for me along with my other Passbook cards.

southwest airlines, iOS, iPhone app, Passbook

southwest airlines, iOS, iPhone app, southwest mobile boarding pass, passbook

The bottom line – Southwest rolled out an update to its handy iPhone app overnight which added Passbook functionality for the first time. It worked well for my check in, and I am looking forward to see what other technology updates Southwest might have in store for travelers. Southwest’s Android app is available here.

-MJ, February 17, 2015