Today, I took my first Southwest flight in nearly 3 years. Atlanta – Boston was the route, and I have to say it went well. Unlike a lot of the bloggerverse, I’m not looking to “break up” with Delta or any other airline. I enjoy flying Delta, and appreciate the level of care I receive as a Platinum Medallion. I am, however, not convinced loyalty for the sake of being loyal in the face of the new reality of SkyMiles 2015 and everything else going on within the airline industry is the smartest course of action. (Image courtesy of Southwest Airlines)

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Today, I saved several hundred dollars without any impact on my quality of life or any other drain on my time. In return, I got reliable transportation between two points on a map in perfectly reasonable comfort. Every Southwest employee I interacted with was courteous and pleasant. Our flight was not only on-time, but early departing and shockingly early arriving. Inflight service was pleasant and plentiful. I’d hardly gotten through half my coffee before refills were offered. Inflight wi-fi was not blistering, but fast enough. I had an exit row seat on the aisle, and ultimately wound up with the entire aisle all my own.

When it was all said and done, I got reliable transportation delivered by courteous people. I don’t know that I’d relish the thought of flying Southwest to Hong Kong, but on a 3 hour flight or so….they work. They work so well that I can promise you and Southwest, I will be back.

-MJ, February 18, 2015