Virgin Cruises could be sailing from a cruise port near you according to this Sky News article. According to the article, “Virgin Group has appointed the US-based corporate advisory firm Allen & Co to oversee the development of a cruise operation that would eventually aim to compete with industry giants including Carnival Corporation.” The article went on to say that the company has entered discussions to raise $1 billion to finance its first ships.

I have to admit that I like the trendiness of Virgin America, the fancy lighting, and the boarding music. Heck, I think I’d even like boarding a ship decked out in a similar decor. I’m sure a Virgin branded cruise company would bring some innovation to the space, certainly a little buzz. However, with a lot of new builds in the pipeline by the major cruise companies with their own trendy themes, I have to wonder if this kind of venture has legs? It will be interesting to watch.

How about you? Interested in setting sail on a Virgin Cruises ship?

-MJ, March 3, 2014