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MrsMJ and I are soon setting sail on our first Disney cruise. We are cruising with friends of ours and their family. I first began to hear rumors of “Pirate Night” months ago. I thought….bleh. I’ll forget to shave, put on a do rag, and yell Rrrrr a lot. I should have known better. A little judicious Googling, and I found that Pirate Night even gets its own special mention on Disney Cruises’ website, and it’s pre-booked on our list of daily activities.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 8.45.22 AM

When MrsMJ broke out the sewing machine a few days ago, I took that as a signal that the Disney-provided do rag may not qualify as a pirate costume. Since I can’t sew, and some travel obligations kept me from going to the store, I decided to do a little surfing on Amazon.com, found a perfect costume setup for fat boys, and paid for it with an Amazon.com gift card. Issue resolved. And yes, there’ll be pictures. I’ll be blogging daily about all things Disney cruising, and pirate night is at the top of my list!

-MJ, March 3, 2014