This is a non-sponsored post and review of the Signature Aluminum Roller Suitcase (Gray), offered by MVST Select. 

Of all the amenity kits from my travels, the one I am most fond of is the Rimowa amenity kit.  I first came across it when flying on Eva Airways’ Royal Laurel /Business cabin.  I didn’t even care about the kit’s contents as much as I love the design of the case.  It’s a miniature version of a hard shell suitcase.

Eva Airways RIMOWA kit, Source: Eva Airways website

I think it’s safe to  say that I have an affinity towards that style of suitcase.

Since I was in the market for a new carry-on sized suitcase, the Signature Aluminum Roller Suitcase (Gray) came at the perfect time.  This suitcase reminded me of the amenity kit case design in some ways, but without the Rimowa price tag.

Signature Aluminum Roller Suitcase


List of Features

  • Unbreakable aluminum-magnesium alloy shell
  • Carbon fiber pattern
  • Zipper-less Closure (Waterproof Sealing)
  • Dual TSA-approved combination lock
  • 360° Spinner wheel
  • Slow-release handles
  • Interior pocketed panel
  • 3-Stage pull rod

I considered some of items in the feature set to be standard, such as the 360 degree spinner wheel.  I also see the “carbon fiber pattern” as more of a design style than a feature.

Extended handle and 360 spinner wheel


Interior of the suitcase










Unique Suitcase Features

There are 3 listed features that makes this suitcase different from other soft-shelled suitcases I’ve owned.

1. Unbreakable aluminum-magnesium alloy shell

I don’t know how I feel about “unbreakable” or other absolute claims of that nature, though I won’t attempt to break the suitcase just to find out!  Just by the material itself, the hard shell is durable and high quality, giving the suitcase a clean, classic look.

2. Zipper-less Closure (Waterproof Sealing)

Unique closure mechanism

The zipper-less closure is perhaps the most unique feature of the suitcase.  All my suitcases had always been with zippers-styled.  There are two locking mechanisms on the suitcase.   It’s easier to show than tell, so here’s a short video clip that shows how it works.

It’s different but I think I could get used to it.  It may even be more efficient than to trying to look for the right ends of the zipper to unzip a suitcase.

The waterproof claim appears to be valid.  Since the case is hard shelled and the closure is secured, the contents inside your luggage should be well protected from any accidental spills.

3.  Dual TSA-approved combination lock

Embedded with the two lock mechanisms are combination lock dials.  This is a nice feature if you need to lock up your suitcase at the hotel. The lock is embedded with as part of the closure mechanism.  Since TSA have been known to cut off locks, I’d be wary of using locks at the airport since agents may be more prone to unintentionally break the lock (and in essence, the suitcase) in the attempt to open it.


Sizing and Pricing

The company offers the suitcases in 3 different sizes.  The smallest size is the carry-on suitcase.  The medium and large are checked suitcase of the same style.

Exterior measurements: 22.5” x 14.2” x 9.1

Weight: 9.7 lbs

Price:  The carry-on suitcase retails for $375 ($295 when on sale).


Would I Recommend This Product?

When I review any products, I tend to consider the overall value.  If the claim about the aluminum shell holds true, there is the longevity aspect. It’s too early to tell if the closure mechanism is long lasting, though the company offers a 5-year warranty.

Lastly, while the product is priced competitively against higher end brands, it is also priced higher than what I would normally pay for a carry-on.  So, you are paying a slight premium for the unique features.

The Signature Aluminum Roller Suitcase is functional and it’s tastefully designed with a modern, sleek look, so I would sum up my recommendation this way:

  • If none of the 3 unique features appeal to you, then skip it.  You’d do just fine with a regular carry-on.
  • If some of the unique features appeal to you and you’re in the market for something a little different, then this is a good quality suitcase and a solid option to consider.


Have you switched to a zipperless suitcase?  I was on the fence, but I think I can get used to not having to look for the ends of the zipper when looking to open up the suitcase.  Are there certain features that you can’t go without?