Have you ever read the details of your Scotiabank Travel Emergency Medical Insurance provided by your credit card?

I have summarized a few important details as you evaluate whether you need additional emergency medical insurance during your travels.

The following credit cards have the Travel Emergency Medical Insurance with Scotiabank:

For other credit card issuers, information about their travel insurance policy is available here:

The information listed below is my interpretation of the insurance policy.

Coverage Eligibility

The basic coverage for the for all the listed cards is:

  1. Coverage is provided to the cardholder, cardholder’s spouse, and cardholder’s dependent children.
  2. There is a limit of $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 depending on the credit card.

Exclusions of Basic Coverage

Important Exclusions:

  • There is limited coverage for pre-existing medical conditions (credit to Luc). Pre-existing medical conditions need to be stable at least 180 days prior to your trip departure date, for those under 75, or 365 days, for those 75 or older.
  • Scuba diving (unless you have a designation), motorized race, motorized speed contest, bungee jumping, parachuting, rock climbing, mountain climbing, hang-gliding or skydiving.

Coverage Benefits

BenefitsLimitations (C$)
Accommodation in a Hospital or Medical Facility-
Doctor's Bills-
Private Registered Nurse-
Ground Ambulance Service-
Air Ambulance Service-
Paramedical ServicesNot covered
Diagnostic Services-
Medical Appliances-
Emergency Dental Treatment2,000
Emergency Dental Pain ReliefNot covered
Emergency Return Home-
Care and Return of Dependent ChildrenNot covered
Transportation to Bedside$100 for meal and hotel accommodation for the relative visit the hospital
Traveling Companion BenefitNot covered
Return of Deceased5,000
Meals and AccommodationNot covered
Vehicle Return1,000 for your return of private or rentlal vehicle
Incidental ExpensesNot covered
Return of Excess BaggageNot covered
Car Accident Insurance$200 per day of accommodation, food, car rental and commercial transportation options for up to 3 days after your personal vehicle is disabled as a result of an accident during the trip.

This is a Scotiabank exclusive coverage

Differences between cards

The major difference between the credit cards is what is the age group that is covered, how long they are covered for, and the maximum coverage provided.

Credit Card64 Years or Younger65 Years or OlderMaximum Coverage (C$)
Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite Card1501,000,000
Scotiabank Gold American Express Card2531,000,000
Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card2532,000,000
Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card31102,000,000


Scotiabank has one of the worst Travel Medical Insurance policies in Canada.

They have lower maximum limits and absolutely no coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

The only silver lining is a rare benefit for driving accidents using your car in a road trip. However, with that amount capped at $600, it has a lot to be desired.