During my trip last month, I had a long layover at JFK’s international terminal. My family and I originally planned to get out of the airport and make a half day in NYC. Changes in our flight schedules and the hassles of needing to go through security again deterred us from that plan. We decided to have lunch at an airport restaurant and check out the Wingtips Lounge.


The Wingtips lounge is located on the upper level of Terminal 4 at JFK, airside.

a sign in a building

I suppose they try to make the lounge look inviting with all the banners near the entrance.

a white pole with a metal pole and a sign

I decided to put my Priority Pass to use here.

a sign on a wall


The Wingtips lounge is a busy lounge.  I didn’t take a picture of the seating area as most of the seats were occupied.  There is a row of more private seats facing the tarmac.

a row of chairs in a room with windows

If you get one of those seats, it’s comfortable and you get a decent view.

a view of an airport from a window


I like to visit lounges to explore the food option. Trust me, I’m not a foodie.  I know people who are, but I know to stop and enjoy good food when I see them.  Let’s put it this way:  The food spread at this lounge did not look … particularly fresh or appealing.  I skipped it.

a buffet with different types of food

Thankfully, the snack section at Wingtips is slightly better.  There is a coffee machine so you can make your own coffee, if that is your cup of tea.

Random:  Why is the outlet is positioned horizontally on the wall ?

a display of food on a counter


In Summary

This is the JFK airport so I am not surprised that lounge got quite busy (and even noisy) at times.  While I enjoyed the sitting space facing the tarmac and the light snacks, it’s not a lounge that I would otherwise want to pay for access to.  In fact, on the return, we had the option to stop by the lounge for a break.

We opted to skip it instead.