I booked a Delta flight for my trip to Hawaii since it was the cheapest option for an Expedia Black Friday vacation package. As a Silver Medallion, and booking a non-basic economy fare in fare classes T and X, I thought I would be eligible for upgrades. I was auto-upgraded to Comfort+ on my first leg (but I declined so I could sit with my family). The computer split up my family and I to three different window seats despite a full Comfort Plus row being available at T-24 and all of us on the same reservation. I guess the computer doesn’t recognize companions. It was okay though, because luckily row 40 was still available for us to sit together.

When I called Delta afterwards, they suggested I opt out of automatic upgrades on my flight home so we wouldn’t get split up, and to call them if I found a whole row available 24 hours before check in.

No Upgrade on the flight home?

Fast forward to T-24 before our flight home, and a row of Comfort+ was available. I called to ask to be moved, but the agent told me I wouldn’t be able to upgrade since I didn’t book direct with Delta. I contacted Delta on Twitter to see what they would say and they said I should receive the upgrade, but couldn’t get it to work on their end. 

Confusing. So I just gave up.


I later sent an email to Delta to ask what the actual policy is, and they said that I wasn’t supposed to get upgraded on the first leg (computer glitch) and the tickets purchased through Expedia didn’t allow for upgrades. Generally, this is because OTAs sell bulk fare tickets that allow for miles and MQM earnings, but aren’t eligible for Medallion benefits, and this isn’t apparent when booking through the OTA. In the end, they gave 3,000 Skymiles for my troubles. Good to note and share with everyone!

Has anyone gotten an upgrade with Delta through booking on Expedia? Comment below!

Happy Travels,