British Airways operate an economy class service throughout Europe called EuroTraveller. I was not supposed to be on this flight, but a missed connection resulted in me being on board.

During my time in the BA lounge in Glasgow, the flight was progressively delayed, but eventually it was time to board. We headed on down the aerobridge to the plane.

One thing I like is how you don’t need to show your boarding pass again. That was a nice improvement when it came in and it’s noticeable when flying other airlines when they still need it.

BA1479 – Glasgow to London Heathrow (GLA-LHR)
2 July 2022
Airbus A320 – G-EUUG
Seat: Economy 17F
Departure: 10:50 Arrival: 12:20

Once on board, I headed down towards the back of the aircraft and found my seat. After putting my bag in the overhead, I sat down and took stock of my surroundings.

The EuroTraveller Seat and Cabin

On this aircraft, the seats are all the same, no matter whether you’re flying Club Europe or EuroTraveller. There is plenty of room if you’re not too tall or too well built.

The flight promised to be full and announcements about cabin baggage storage were made during boarding. Meanwhile, I was watching the action outside my window.

Dance of the Baggage Containers

It’s not often that I sit on the right hand side of the aircraft, which is the side the baggage is loaded. I am usually also a bit further forward so I enjoyed seeing the luggage being loaded outside my window.

As you can see above in the two minute video, it’s quite a well oiled operation, getting everything inside as quickly as possible. We eventually were ready to go, had the manual safety demonstration and headed into the sky, well over an hour late.

A Visit To The Tiny Toilet

I hate asking the people next to me to get up when I have to use the facilities. However needs must and they hauled themselves up so I could visit the rear toilet. These are the Airbus SpaceFlex ones, which means they are hilariously tiny.

Even though they are small, you can do everything you need to do. Just hope you’re petite, as any kind of husky person is going to have issues getting in and out of there.

Flying and Eating

British Airways offers EuroTraveller passengers a complementary snack and drink. This comprises of a small bottle of water and a packet of crisps.

These are handed out at a rapid pace by the efficient crew. Once done, the crew come through again and take away all the rubbish. By that time there wasn’t much flying time left and we landed in Heathrow without incident.

Overall Thoughts

For a sector not too much over an hour, it’s quite a comfortable way to fly. You would hopefully not be too hungry as you’re not given much, but it is a step up from the days when British Airways served nothing and you had to buy from the menu or not eat.

The delay wasn’t particularly welcome, but this was during a lot of disruption so I was pleased the flight went ahead. Considering how cheap the fares can be, you can’t ask for much more than to get to your destination successfully.

What do you think of BA EuroTraveller? Should there be more served or is this good? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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