The British Airways lounge in Glasgow is a an all singing, all dancing airline lounge, which is a great place to wile away some time before flying. I last wrote a review of this lounge back in 2016 and I was curious to see how it had fared since.

After the scrum of check-in, I passed swiftly through priority security and headed to the gates. The lounge is then a little walk away, but easy to find with its big blue surrounds.

The BA Lounge In Glasgow

It’s a really nicely thought out space and after my boarding pass was checked, I headed into the lounge proper. There are various different types of seating on either side of the lounge, with the food serving areas located in the central area.

In a genius use of what could have been a waste of space, they have a snug. This is where you can hide away from the main lounge on your own, which must be handy for any celebrities passing through!

A Plentiful Breakfast

When a lounge doesn’t skimp on the food offering, I’m generally very happy. There is not much worse than visiting a so called premium lounge and finding a couple of sad bags of crisps. Luckily the British Airways lounge in Glasgow has plenty of food available.

Breakfast is a decent spread, and while it doesn’t have a pancake machine like the Alaska Airlines lounges in Seattle, it’s all quite good. No complaints from me anyway and my porridge was lovely!

To The Toilet!

Come with me on a journey, a step by step guide to the bogs in the oneworld alliance airline’s lounge in Glasgow. You need go to back to the reception desk and take the stairs located there.

It’s all calm, quiet, clean and moodily lit. Quite frankly, it’s worth it to check out the art on the walls, which is a nice touch. It makes things feel a little more human and less sterile. I approve!

How About Lunch?

My flight was delayed, so I ended up being in the lounge when the lunch spread arrived. It turns out there are sandwiches! The sign says, Tuna Mayonnaise in White, Double Egg and Cress in Malt, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, Pesto Mozzarella Tomato and Rocket, and BBQ Chicken Tortilla. Yummo!

Airline lounges generally do good soup, as I’ve found in the American Airlines Admirals Club lounges. This was no exception and I slurped up my bowl quite happily before heading off to my flight.

Overall Thoughts

I like the British Airways lounge in Glasgow. It hits all the right notes for me, with friendly staff, a decent amount of quality choices when it comes to the food and an interesting layout. Happy days for anyone passing through Scotland’s largest city.

The only downside during the visit was the Wi-Fi was not working. It was the day after the monthly code change and neither old nor new worked, so we had to use the airport service instead. No big deal! Sadly, a lot of BA lounges have been closed for good after the pandemic (boo!), but those that remain still manage to have some razzle dazzle. Let’s hope they all stay put.

What do you think of the British Airways lounge in Glasgow? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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