I visited the United Club LAX as I was flying United in Business on a transcontinental route from Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (EWR). Flying in this premium transcontinental route allows you to access the United Club upon departure and arrival. I visited the United Club LAX around 10pm on a Friday. The United Club LAX used to be the largest United Club, until the new one at Newark just opened.


The United Club LAX is located in Terminal 7, next to gate 71A. It is open from 4:30am to 12:15am daily.

The Lounge:

When you enter the lounge, you check in at one of the three desks and the escalators take you up to the lounge. Once you get off the escalators there’s a huge seating area with hightops and plenty of chairs, and towards the back is the buffet and bar. There are no shower rooms at this lounge.

United Club LAX


United Club LAX

Escalators Up

United Club LAX


United Club LAX

Bar + Seating

Going further into the lounge, there is also an outdoor deck which is nice to see some planes. Of course, it does smell like jet fumes out there as well 🙂

United Club LAX

Outdoor Seating

airplanes at an airport


Food Offerings:

On my past visit to the United Club LAX in 2018, I remember the food selection being better than on this visit. Back then, I got chili crab and flatbreads. Maybe I just visited at the wrong time of day (late evening) but the food options on this visit were scarce and looked unappetizing.

There were cookies, a salad bar, some sandwiches, cheeses and miso soup.

a buffet with food on it


a buffet line with food on it

Cheese + Salad

Also, there were coffee machines, and a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. They also had coffee set up at the front if you didn’t want to go to the main buffet area.

The Verdict:

Overall, the United Club LAX is large and has plenty of space to lounge. I do wish the food offerings looked a bit more appetizing. Now I wish I visited the new United Club at Newark upon arrival so that I could compare the two United Clubs.


Have you visited the United Club LAX before? What were your thoughts?


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