My dad has always wanted to try Silvercar and I saw that they had a $50 off your first rental offer and a decent weekend rate of $59 a day so we booked a Silvercar to try it out!

For those of you who are not familiar with Silvercar, it is a rental car company that only rents out silver Audi A4’s and Audi Q5’s. They also aim to make rental cars hassle free with free toll tracking, wifi, and fair refueling prices. Currently, their fleet only consists of 2017 and 2018 models!

Pickup at Seattle A Bit Odd:

Online it says that, “When you arrive at the Seattle Airport, proceed to the baggage claim level and pick up your checked bags. Then, press the “Pick Me Up” button in your app to let us know you’ve arrived. When at the rental car facility, follow signs for “Off Site Rental Cars” and look for the silver Audi. We’ll pick you up and take you to our lot.”

So I landed at SEA, and then pressed “Pick Me Up’.

Then I got a text stating “Board the Jiffy Parking Lot Shuttle to our facility.”

Well okay?!

So, Silvercar should reaaaally update the website for Seattle. The way it works is that you head over to the “Off Site Rental Cars”, then take the Jiffy Parking Lot Shuttle, as the Silvercar facility is located right next to the Jiffy Parking Lot.

It actually makes more sense for Silvercar as they don’t have to pick you up in the car and bring you back to the facility. Just wished it was a bit more clear.

Getting to the Silvercar Facility:

The SEA location is off-site, just like a 5 minute shuttle ride from the airport. Once I arrived, there was actually only one A4 for pickup. So, we really didn’t have much to select from. LOL.

On your first rental an agent has to confirm your credit card, and we did a walk-around to mark the scruffs the car had. Then we used the QR reader on the app to open the car. After your first rental, you can just do that all by yourself and be on your way quickly!

Our 2017 A4 had 14k miles on it which wasn’t too bad. It’s a pretty loaded A4, and it’s the quattro line so it’s 4 wheel drive. There’s a navigation (which sucks tbh), and heated seats! Not Silvercar’s problem, but I have to say that the Audi A4 navigation is horrendous. Better to use Apple CarPlay.



My dad liked the drive, and it’s pretty cool to be driving around Seattle in an Audi A4! The car is also equipped with Sirius XM radio which is nice. Wifi is also available if you want to use it.


Silvercar offers to refuel the car at “Market Price + a $5 Fee”.

Sounds great right?

I thought so too, but then they don’t tell you what “Market Price” is? I asked through text, which you can text Silvercar anytime during your rental, and they replied “Whatever it costs us to fill it up”. So if they fill it up at the Chevron right next to the airport, not sure how close to “Market Price” that will be lol….

So, I ended up filling it myself since we found a convenient gas station, but its nice that they won’t price gouge you if you chose to not fill it up.

Current Offers:

Right now if you want to try a Silvercar, you can get $50 off your first rental of 2 days or more with promo code: FBJULY50. Or, 20% with promo code: FIRST20, but I think in most cases the $50 off will be better unless you have a longer rental.

ALSO, if you want to gain another $25,

  1. Sign up for a Silvercar account on their website.
  2. Go to Account > Refer a Friend and use referral code my referral code PTEYDOZW to get $25 cash upon completion of your first rental. It will come in the form of a virtual Visa gift card which is pretty cool, and I’ll get a $25 gift card as well!

The Verdict:

It’s pretty nice to have an A4 as a rental car. If the price is the same or just a tad more than the mainstream rental companies, I’d definitely pick up a Silvercar again.


Happy travels,




Stay tuned to see the rest of my Seattle 2018 Weekend Trip here!