Back in April I took my daughter on an adventure to South America. We spent four lovely days in Buenos Aires, enjoying the history and beauty of the European-influenced capital of Argentina. We even made some new friends while we were there! From the history of Centro, to the beauty of San Telmo, to the gleaming skyscrapers in Puerto Madero, we enjoyed every bit of BA.

But we had to say goodbye all too quickly. Crossing over the Rio de la Plata, which separates Argentina and Uruguay, we enjoyed a day in UNESCO-listed Colonia del Sacramento, followed by two more in the laid-back capital of Uruguay: Montevideo. This was altogether too short a visit to this unassuming South American country.

Our trip concluded with two days and one night in Miami, enjoying the beach. It was a lovely way to end our 9 days.

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Recap of Our Adventures

I like to post daily blogs of our trips whenever possible. From the most interesting to the mundane, I hope it provides a window into travels with kids. I covered all of our adventures in China back in November 2018. Here are the daily posts and tour reports from our 2019 Trip to Argentina, Uruguay and Miami:

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Hotel/Flight Reviews and Planning Tips

In addition to daily blogs, here are my reviews of various flights, hotels and lounges we experienced during our travels:

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If you’re looking for an underrated South American destination to explore, consider Uruguay. It’s a small country, and there aren’t any “big” sights to see like there are in neighboring Argentina. If you just want to enjoy a new culture and excellent food, Uruguay is a great choice. Plus, it’s probably the most safe and stable country on the continent.