I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha several times now. With a huge amount of space and sit down restaurant, it certainly has everything you could want before a flight.

After flying in from London Gatwick, I breezed through transfer security and headed to the lounge. First port of call was the restaurant, which happened to be full. My name was taken and I decided to visit the washrooms.

Spic and Span

There are always attendants inside who are responsible for keeping everything looking fabulous. They do a great job and are always at hand to assist if required.

Washing up afterwards is quite pleasant, with fragrant high end products. All in all, it’s a fine enough experience, whatever you’re doing in there!

Off To The Restaurant

It’s quite a large lounge as I’ve mentioned, so it was a bit of a walk back to the restaurant. When I arrived there, the lady said I’d already been called, but since I wasn’t there someone else received my slot.

All was not lost – asked if it was just me, she smiled, nodded and sent me upstairs. It seemed that being a party of one was beneficial in this instance. Once at the top of the sweeping staircase, I was shown to my table.

Al Mourjan Lounge Restaurant Food

Since I’ve eaten here before, I knew the lay of the land. Conveniently, I was seated close to the food and this time around there were people stationed there to serve it for you, rather than it being self-service.

When I asked for some Champagne (or was it another glass of Champagne?) I was helpfully told that it would probably be quicker if I went up to he bar. That I did and it was quicker, plus I got to see they were serving French Champagne called Philipponnat. I also happened to pass the Sushi area, which I had totally forgotten about.

After clearing my plate, I decided that sushi was in order, so I asked for some. Since it is made to order, I waited a little while before it was delivered, but it turned out to be well worth the wait.

That was all very satisfactory and once done, I waddled off back down the stairs and headed out into the terminal. I wanted to check the prices on some cabin luggage, which I did, and which I did not buy as it was not quite cheap enough for me!

Overall Thoughts

When I first visited the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge back in 2017, I really didn’t like it very much. Not only did I not visit the restaurant, but I found it all rather underwhelming.

Since then, I’ve got to know it better and I know which elements of it work for me. The showers are great, bathrooms are clean and the food is very good. It’s a quiet and relaxed place to spend time between flights and the oneworld alliance carrier does a good job here.

What do you think of the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha? Is it one of the best lounges in the world? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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