Visitors to the world’s tallest tree face $5,000 fines – CNN Travel

This is something I’ve wanted to do, but this new statement will have me steering clear. Didn’t get to it this summer (or last) as hoped.

An ideal solution would be for the park to create a trail to visit it. You’re talking less than a mile from the nearest existing trail.

Airfares for less than $300? ‘Start monitoring those prices now’ for holiday travel – USA Today

Finally we may be back to normalcy after an utterly insane domestic summer airfare? I don’t have much early fall travel planned, but this will get the wheels turning for November and December.

Alaska Airlines Business Card Has New Best Ever Signup Bonus – Miles to Memories

I gave this a go and was approved! Glad to see Alaska offering much higher bonuses than the old 25K or 40K offers.

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