When I previously visited the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, I found myself to be quite underwhelmed by the experience. Between flights, I had a shower and did not try the restaurant on the upper level.

Many people commented that I missed the best part and when I found myself passing through again I had no intention of trying the meals on offer as I had a relatively short connection. Thanks to the Qatar Airways team, I found time to sample the delights on offer.

Upstairs Restaurant

Up the sweeping curved staircase is a large restaurant featuring table seating as well as large comfortable chairs over by the window. In the middle are two large serveries featuring many dishes to sample.

I arrived sometime around 12:30am and the restaurant was very busy with passengers enjoying various meals at their tables. Everything is welcoming and quite brightly lit, with servers keeping everything replenished.

Delicious Meals For All

To start with I had a glass of Champagne which is generously poured virtually to the brim. It is a lovely drop! One of my favourite soups is potato and this was on offer when I visited.

Within minutes I had demolished the soup and off I went to try one of the smaller dishes. The small salad is healthy and tasty and I liked it. There are quite a number of small dishes available.

What is on offer? Halloumi with orange and mint salad. Lobeih Bel Zeit. Red Pepper Hummus. Moutabble. Plus the Quinoa salad I tried. Everything is nicely presented, some with lids to keep them fresh.

Eight Selections of Hot Food

For those wanting something more substantial there are eight different selections to choose from. All of them looked fantastic and I went back twice to try different things. In between my used plate was cleared away which shows how attentive the service is.

My first choice was the Chili Con Carne and it was so good I was inspired to go and try some more dishes. The Chicken Kabsa is a delight as is the Mee Goreng. I found the Provencal Asparagus, Spinach and Corn Gratin to be an explosion of good taste and the Dum Aloo quite peppy.

Time For Dessert?

By this time I found myself impressed with the food quality and it was almost time to go to the gate. I was not leaving without trying dessert and two pieces of cheesecake duly arrived.

With the clock ticking, I ate one and a half pieces, finished off most of my Champagne and it was time to go. Without even wanting to, I had a multi-course meal and loved every piece of it. Waddling off to the gate totally sated, I was in a good place.

Overall Thoughts

Qatar Airways made sure I left completely satisfied and it is thanks to the friendly lounge staff and especially the lounge manager for helping to make this happen on a tight connection. I would recommend anyone to try to have a couple of hours between flights so they can really sit down and enjoy the meals on offer.

Quality is key and all of the food is very fresh and very tasty. I quite liked how there is a combination of vegetarian style dishes which are not bland and are well thought out to focus on taste. The Champagne offered is delicious and my midnight feast left me with a lasting impression of this lounge. No bland cheap food here – all of it is excellent.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Doha and I will be making a point of spending time in the lounge to sample the food once again. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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