Before my Alaska flight back to LA, I had some time to visit The Club at SJC which is part of Priority Pass and the only Priority Pass Lounge at San Jose International Airport.

The lounge is located on the 3rd floor next to gate 15. This is in Terminal A, but near the entrance to Terminal B. SJC is relatively small and both terminals are connected airside, so this is an easy lounge to access regardless of where your flight is departing from. But there’s going to be some walking as there are no tram or moving escalators…

Opening hours are 5am-10pm daily.

The Lounge:

I was excited to visit this lounge based on the pretty solid reviews I’ve read online. Maybe I just came on a bad day, but my experience was a bit disappointing.

First of all, the food selection was pretty minimal! My visit was a Saturday around 2PM. There were only a few snacks, chips and some veggies + noodles. No sandwiches or fancy bags of chips that I saw on Yelp. When I was in Seattle, I found the counterpart, The Club at SEA, to have many more packaged snacks to choose from.

Seating here was nice though, with tons of selection. There was a large area next to the buffet and the bar, as well as another area across the hall.


I did like the bar, and how I got glass bottles of sparkling water! There was also a soda machine as well as a cappuccino maker.

The lounge also has shower rooms as well as restrooms. Another negative to point out was that the restrooms were quite dirty for lounge standards.

The Verdict:

While much more lacking in food selection than its Seattle counterpart, the lounge is still a nice place to relax and grab a drink before a flight. Maybe I had a bad experience because other travelers seem to praise this lounge much more than I did. Time to revisit and give it another chance!

Happy travels,



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