I booked a trip on Icelandair to visit London and I added a 3 day stopover in Iceland for free! I previously reviewed the SFO-KEF leg, and on this post I’m reviewing the KEF-LHR leg.

We had the “Economy Light” lowest fare, and was happy that I could still book my seat for free! Even better for me was that the old “Economy Comfort” seats (rows 6-8 on the 767) were popping up as free as they discontinued the product. So of course, I snagged them! (thankfully they honored the seats!) Nowdays, it’s rebranded as “Extra Legroom” and the website says its $30 for Iceland-Europe Flights.

Flight Details:

Icelandair Flight 450 and 451
Reykjavik (KEF) to London (LHR) and London (LHR) to Reykjavik (KEF)
Seat: 7C- Aisle- More Legroom
Aircraft: Boeing 767

Delay on KEF-LHR flight:

Our flight from SFO-KEF landed almost an hour early which was nice. BUT, my LHR flight was delayed right under 3 hours! Not fun 🙁

There was a flight to London Gatwick leaving at the original time that my LHR flight was supposed to leave and there were seats left! But the Icelandair agent said it would be like $300 to switch to that flight. No thanks!! They did give a voucher to buy some food+snacks which was appreciated. You had to go to the Icelandair booth to get the voucher though as they didn’t make an announcement or anything! I didn’t know at first, I was only at the booth to ask to be moved to the Gatwick flight. Thankfully I went.

The voucher was for 2,000 ISK per passenger (16.50 USD) which wasn’t too bad. I guess… $16.50 doesn’t get you very far with Iceland’s expensive prices but thankfully the airport was actually cheaper than the city!! I guess the airport doesn’t want to scare the tourists haha!

The Flight:

Unlike the trans-Atlantic legs, there was no Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water given, nor pillows and blankets.

For the More Legroom seats they advertise a 34″ pitch, while normal economy seats are at 32″. The extra legroom was nice, but the increase in legroom was minimal when compared to other airlines’ extra legroom products.

More Legroom

More Legroom Seats

Seatback IFE was still pretty good, with 50 titles to choose from. Plenty for the 3ish hour flight. And, it was nice to have the USB charging. Wifi was also offered on the flight and it’s 6 euros for Iceland-Europe flights. Not bad!

There was a drink service on this leg. And they gave the whole can!

As I pointed out in my previous review, the seats are uncomfortable especially on your tailbone. But thankfully this leg was just a 3ish hour flight!

And an odd occurrence was that the KEF-LHR flight had no soap dispenser in the lavatory!

The Verdict:

The short 3 hour hop from Iceland to London was comfortable on a 767. Overall, for the $320 flight from San Francisco to London with a free stopover in Iceland as well as free seat selection, it was an amazing deal!

Happy travels,



Stay tuned to see the rest of my London + Iceland Adventure posts!