It’s been a difficult, unprecedented, uncertain, insert-your-own-corporate-COVID19 word here, time, and my travels have ground to a halt. However, I have still kept up with the news – guarded reopenings of the country, Depression-level unemployment – and thought more about the many people who are affected job-wise. The front line service-workers are the ones hit the hardest from such a pandemic. Wondering about their predicament and desire to increase job security and safety, I looked into the hospitality career track.

During and after my time at business school, I also thought about getting my Master’s in Hotel Administration. While this would befit my moniker, I ultimately decided against it. For those looking to move up in the hospitality ranks, is an excellent resource with information on degrees, majors, schools, and career progression. I also have a dear friend who works as a chef in Los Angeles, and should he want to move up in the ranks to management this would also be a good opportunity for him.


From Front-Line to Management

While chefs may be masters in the kitchen, running the guest service and business sides are an entirely different endeavor. Management usually leads to further progression in the restaurant or hotel chain – which, in another life, is definitely something I could see myself doing.

a pool with chairs and umbrellas in the middle of a tropical resort

I’d love to manage a hotel like this!


Website Review

While the website itself seems a bit dated, the information is still useful, with educational information on careers, salaries, different schools, degrees, and more. I would encourage those who are seeking a career change or perhaps an increase in stability (managers are less likely to be laid off than front-line staff) once we return after all this COVID-19 nonsense.

Their stock images of smiling, happy professionals is a touch cliche, but their search function for culinary schooling and information to help you figure out what is the right fit for you is useful – be it restaurant or hotel management, or perhaps acquisition of additional cooking/baking skills, or improvements in specific techniques. There is a wide range of opportunities

a kitchen with a man in the background

Or perhaps manage a restaurant?



I’m always on the lookout for more resources to help those who might be down on their luck or looking for additional upward mobility or education, and this is no different. Whether you’re looking to move up the hospitality chain of command or simply learn more about culinary schooling, the site would be useful. I certainly hope that COVID-19 is brought under control soon with a vaccine so I can travel, cruise, and eat out again – have amazing trips planned for later in the year and don’t want to miss out on those!


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