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The world of miles and points is constantly on the move. Similarly, our miles & points strategy also cannot function in isolation. It operates in conjunction with the economic conditions. As markets shrink, a new normal is emerging. Here are some to the stories we covered this week.

The Ideal Miles & Points strategy during a Covid inflicted lockdown

How do you prepare for travel post Covid 19? Also, as you sit at home, how can you to optimize earning miles & points? In this post, I discuss strategy that will help you maximize points earning as you sit at home during the lockdown.

How Coronavirus will change your travel ‘bucket list’

Beyond simply having an impact on your miles & points strategy, travel will be very different in a post Coronavirus world. In this post, I I highlight some of the new trends that could emerge.

The new normal for the travel industry

As travel comes to a standstill, the airline industry is facing a critical moment. Also, the impact of this recession is bound to linger on for a few years.

7 reasons why you should get the Amex Everyday Preferred Card

We often discuss optimal miles & points strategy. As travel spend stalls and grocery spend picks up, I outline reasons why the Amex Everyday Preferred Card can be a solid option to quickly earn a lot of valuable Membership Rewards points on everyday spend.

Class action lawsuit against United for violating bailout terms

A new class action lawsuit alleges that United violated the terms of their taxpayer funded bailout. In response, United is claiming that the lawsuit has no legs. Eventually, this promises to play out in the public sphere in the upcoming weeks.

These airlines could cease to exist post Covid-19

Many airlines around the world have already filed for bankruptcy. As Covid-19 upends global markets, more airlines could well join this list. Also, many on the list may not survive in the long run.


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