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Tokyo Narita already has capsule hotels, but this takes things to another level. The fact that this is the state in which people must remain for 14 days is the worst part.

Taiwan’s China Airlines looking to change its name – Secret Flying

I have to say, even with a very clear understanding of the difference between Air China  (Chinese flag carrier) and China Airlines (Taiwan flag carrier), it’s way too easy to mix them up when talking or writing about them. China Airlines is an excellent carrier. I enjoyed flying their top-notch 777-300ER business class with one of my sons. Air China? Not so much, from all I’ve read.

I’ll be interested to see whether they do change their name, and if China gives them any heat over the decision.

Airlines Agree To Bailout Terms. Will They Take Travel Vouchers Instead? – View from the Wing

With a total laugh-worthy title, this post provides a great breakdown on the airline bailout. It would be nice if airlines could be treated with vouchers instead of cold, hard taxpayer cash, as that’s how they treated most of us.

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